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On line job search is the latest way of looking for job. This has become the most preferred medium for both job aspirants as well as companies. On line job search has many benefits, 24 hours availability, low cost, no geographical limit, no holidays, access to worldwide job requirements etc. Yet, job seekers who post their resume on Internet are frustrated. Most of the job aspirants who are posting their resume on Internet do not get response from the companies. Why? How you will get better result while searching job online? The objective of this article is to prepare you for on line job search techniques for better result.

KNOW THE REALITY - Job search through Internet is not a magical tool. A single job advertisement attracts thousands of resumes. Go to any cyber café and you will find most of the people inserting floppy in the computer and sending resume to each and everything coming their way on the net while surfing. Ask anyone about how many job postings he has responded in one hour and do not get surprised if you get an answer, more than 10 or even 20! If you think, you are covering everything by responding to hundreds of job postings, think again.

SET UP YOUR PRIORITIES - In 1995, there were just 500 job sites online; in 1998, an estimated 100,000 sites had some job listings or job information on them. In 1994 there were 10,000 resumes posted online; in 1998, there were 1,200,000. In 2003, the figure must have increased at least five times. That means, approximately, 6,000,000 job hunters are online during a typical month. You can now know why you are not getting response! Be unique and focused to stand out and get noticed.

On line job search is a very good opportunity for job seekers. If used properly and systematically, it will give better results and jobs. You must have answers of these questions before searching a job on Internet, what kind of job you are looking for? In which industry? What location? Which position? How much salary?  If you are able to answer these question, then make a proper resume and head toward a cyber café to start your on line search.

PLAN IN ADVANCE - To save your time and money, make a list of job site where to you want to visit or register you resume. Do not get carried away. Internet has vast amount of information. If you are not focused, you might feel lost at the end. Plan in advance about the post, location, industry and area where you want to apply. Don't submit your resume indiscriminately. Look for the job suiting your requirement. Always carry an electronic copy of your resume. If you are responding to a print advertisement, then have suitable resume and cover letter handy.

SELECT WEBSITE CAREFULLY - You can find thousands of job websites on Internet. Do not put your resume on all the websites. Your resume contains information that can impact your personal safety and the same can be useful to someone stealing your identity. You should choose a website based the facility and flexibility they provide. The website should be easy to use and provide facilities of resume edit, search by location, industry wise, experience, specialization wise.

SET UP YOUR OWN E-MAIL AGENT - Most of the sites have facilities of e-mail agents. E-mail agent functions compare your requirements with new employer job postings and send you the results via e-mail if they find a match. This saves your time, as you do not have to visit the site yourself and run your search again and again. You can create more than one agent also. This "agents" will do the searching for you and send the results in your given e-mail id.
BE ALERT AND ATTENTIVE - Pay close attention to employer's instructions for submitting your resume. Do they want you to send it via e-mail or as a Word attachment? Via e-mail with your resume in text form in the body of the e-mail? Do employer want you to mentioned the position and location in subject of the e-mail? Before sending a new resume send it to any of your friend or your own other mail id to ensure that the resume looks consistent and nicely formatted. Think from the employer's point of view. The resume must contain all the information the employer is looking for.

THINK LOCAL - First search the local vacancies on the job sites. Being resident of that city you will obviously be preferred by the company than a person who want to relocate. And if you want to relocate, then look for job opening in the city where you will be relocating.

TARGET THE SOURCE AND RESEARCH - It is always better to search the career section of company's website. Direct company's website is always better than big job websites. This also helps you theoretically in knowing the company, which will help you while applying against their job requirement. Experts say that the best way to approach a job search is to research and target the companies you want to work with. If you apply through a the company's website, this also let the company know that you are interested enough in the company to visit its website and apply.

NETWORKING - More than sending your resume against numerous job requirements of various companies, you should use Internet in building relationship and enhancing you network. As Internet is the very economical and time effective way of getting in touch with people, it should be used more frequently to increase you network with the people who will guide and sometimes mentor you. They are the people who will more effective in getting you the information about the hidden job of the organization and may be sometime even the job.

On line job search should be one part of your job search process. You should not devote more than 25% of your total job search timing in on line job search. Rest timing must be devoted in looking for job using the traditional methods such as cold calling, newspaper advertisement and especially networking. A recent survey shows that the number of people who actually get their jobs through the Internet is between 4 and 6 percent, except for information technology, where the numbers are much higher.

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MBA in Human Resource with vast corporate experience in companies like ICICI, Indian Institute of Management.
Many article and research paper published in leading national magazines and journals.

Sagarika Sahu

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