WoW Factor - The path to MBA Schools in USA

Ram Dhan Yadav

If you are from India and seeking MBA admission in an elite university, it takes more than your transcripts and test scores to get an admission. Every year thousands of Indians apply to elite schools. Most of them are super duper intelligent candidates and they are too good at what ever they do. Out of these outstanding candidates, only a few manage to get an admission. These few are the students who have a 'WoW Factor' in their backgrounds. 'WoW Factor' can be anything exceptional in their background like brilliant accomplishments, outstanding profiles, incomparable attributes etc. This 'WoW Factor' literally makes the admissions committee go 'WoW' when they read through the candidates profile and essays.

A few examples of WoW Factors:

750+ GMAT Score
Math/Science Olympiad champions
National Sports Players
President Ward Receivers
Grew up in a jungle/village and defied all odds and succeeded
Heroes who championed the social issues
Officers/Volunteers of CRY, Gujarat Earth Quake, Tsunami Relief efforts etc.
Traveled across India on foot/bicycle/motorcycle
Accomplished musicians/writers/media personnel
College Student Leaders
Political Leaders
Corporate/Government Leaders
Special Operations task force members
International Travelers
The list goes on and on………………

The above list might not be an exhaustive list or might have some factors which may not even be considered as a 'WoW Factor'. But the basic idea is to make you understand that some sort of WoW factor is needed to get an admission into elite b-schools. For some individuals this WoW factor may be inbuilt while some others might have to work at it for numerous years. Either way, your WoW factor will have a significant impact in the decision making process.

So, if you are dreaming about Elite Schools, then work on building your 'WoW Factor'.

Ram Dhan Yadav

Posted on with permission
March 20, 2006



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