Changing perspective of Recruitment


Sumirjeet Narayan
MBA (Asan Memorial Institute of Management, Chennai) Batch 2004-2006
HR Executive
Placement Place Consultancy

Human resource is a vital element of success behind any organization. In today's scenario every big and small enterprise is much concern about how to make use of present human power in an effective and potential manner. Any organization can predict its success if it has placed his right person on the right job.  Hence, recruitment plays an important role and no organization would like to take any chances in selecting the wrong person.  With the dynamic market, organization has gone for outsourcing the human resources for various reasons such as reduce and control operating costs; improve company focus; gain access to world-class capabilities; free internal resources for other purposes; resources are not available internally; etc.  

Recruitment has now become a big business and one can see that there are lots many consultancies which are solely on to the area of recruitment process.  Recruitment is the process of finding and attracting potential candidates for the job available. Many management experts has defined recruitment as a great business in present time and it is seen that organizations are ready to pay anything to hire a worthy employee, and this in turn has lead to an increase in the number of HR (Human Resource) consultants who help these organizations to obtain the right candidates. One can find more than a hundreds of such consultants in the city like Chennai. 

SG management consultancy is such a sort of consultants, who has a good number of prospective clients to work with. Higher competition in the field has led to many problems among the recruiters. One such problem is how to deal with the candidates who already has three or four offers at hand and back out at the end to one of the recruiters.  It's a great lose for the recruiter in their achieving of the target.  It then raises a question as to what should a recruiter do?

SG consultancy runs under the supervision of Mr. Harish and Mr. Amit, with a mission of providing the best available work force to its clients. The company has a team leader Ms. Rama Dixit and 12 HR Executives. The work of the HR Executives is to source the candidates and forward all the sourced profile to be screened by Ms. Rama Dixit and then the executive move towards lining up an interview for the candidate with the industry personnel. As a natural instinct when any profile get short listed for the further process, it gives job satisfaction to these HR executives. Praveen joins the consultancy with great hopes that he can do lot in the area of human resources.  After his completion of MBA from Madhavan Management Institute, Chennai, he was placed in marketing job which he found too boring and therefore decided to look for HR jobs which was his passion.  But he realized that even though specialized in HR his knowledge on this area is less.  He didn't had any idea of how to go into the core HR.  Meantime he got a job in SG Consultancy as HR executive where his main job was to do recruitment.  He was told that he would get the incentives if he fulfills the target of Rs. 45000 each for three months. 

With a great spirit he started his job but later landed with the problem of candidates backing out when they receive the offer letters.  The problem was nagging him a lot and he started looking out for the ways. He started studying the profiles more carefully than before.  He started collecting the information such as to why the candidate would like to be placed for such a kind of job, has he got any offers in hand or is scheduled for an interview,etc. which actually helped him in diagnosing the probable candidates who will back out at the end. Praveen was happy that when compared to rest in the firm he was able to get more profiles shortlisted but he was quiet sure that this is not going to keep him satisfied for a longer time.  He started looking out for new approaches to source the right candidate.  He went through the articles on recruitment and he took up an competency based approach in his way of sorting out the candidates.  He found that the information that would predict the successful recruitment depends on the following competencies:

  • 'Natural' competencies ? personality traits and characteristics;
  • 'Acquired' competencies ? those that the individual has attained or developed such as qualifications and experience;
  • 'Adapting' competencies ? how the individual has applied themselves during their career.

He was convinced with the idea that matching of the competencies is primarily the job of the interviewers but what as a recruiter he can do is verify the acquired competencies and adapting competencies.  Acquired competencies helps out in understanding the qualification attained by the candidate which can very well be matched with the requirements of the job.  The next step is looking out for adapting competencies which is applicable only in the case of experienced people. Some of the questions that can be asked to verify the adapting competencies are:

1. What is the ambition in their life?
2. What are their expectations from this kind of job?
3. What are the qualities they feel they possess for this kind of job?

These questions indeed help the recruiters in selecting the right person as well as the information collected helps the interviewers to understand the candidate in a better fashion. Praveen thought of proceeding with the candidates through the following procedure but before the start he put across the thought to his team leader Ms Rama Dixit.  There was a difference of opinion in this respect as Ms Rama felt that the procedure is like going too deep even to the point of doing the job of interviewer.  How far the recruiters are in the position to judge the capabilities of the person?  Sometimes it can lead to biased report from recruiter perspective and hence she clearly denied the proposal.  Praveen get disappointed by the decision and thinks for quitting the job.


1. What would be your stand if you were in place of Praveen?
2. Critically evaluate Praveen's competency based approach to the problem?
3. Substantiate team leader stand point?

Sumirjeet Narayan
MBA (Asan Memorial Institute of Management, Chennai) Batch 2004-2006
HR Executive
Placement Place Consultancy

Source: E-mail December 7, 2006



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