The ARDF rule to combat Frustration


Nishant Agrawal
Asst. Manager
Training and Development
Sahara Prime City Ltd.

("Attitude Rules" Series opener!)

This is a series of articles on supremacy of positive attitude. We are starting with a piece of writing on ways one can deal with frustrating issues in life.

Frustration! It is a word which is commonly associated with helplessness coupled with rage. The usual notion attached to this word is out rightly negative and nobody would like to undergo this phenomenon.

This is quite a common sentiment. The plight of a person going through the agony of frustration is wretched. Most of the suicidal cases are eventual consequence of this noxious emotion.

But during the past few years researchers have observed that this sentiment finds place in our lives quite often than not. In urban lifestyle it is a regular feature and people have learned to live with this feeling. And yes, the consequences of frustration have been extremely detrimental.

So... is there a way out?

Yes, a big YES.

Any human emotion generates a certain amount of energy. For instance, if we feel happy we are naturally energized. During this feeling we can carry out all those things which we don't even like doing, but if we are happy, petty things don't matter. We will do it by the virtue of happiness. But mind you, these trivial and petty things don't remain petty, if we are not in a good state of mood.

If we feel gloomy, we are sapped and energy level goes down. If we are angry, we can smack a mightier person than us, because of this phenomenon- energy.

So energy is the key which drives us to do something or not do it.

And the most fortunate thing about frustration is that it generates enormous amount of energy.

The sheer feeling of helplessness coupled with a great degree of frenzy is the source of that energy. This energy, if properly channelised into deeds, can achieve you those results which you can only think of.

So you must be thinking that one should use that energy while being frustrated and streamline ones effort.

But pragmatically speaking …is it really possible? If yes then...How? A million dollar question…undeniably.

Let's try to answer this question!

To find a solution to this we need to proceed stepwise.


  • Acknowledge!(A)

The first and foremost thing is to accept the fact there is a concern. You can't do much about it. And the issue is taking a heavy toll on your life. Even then you are not able to do much about it.

But it seems unreal! You have a problem which is affecting your life and you can not do much about it. There comes the next step.


  • Reassess!(R)

There are few thing in our life for which we can't hold anybody else responsible other than us. It is only me who can change some things. Some people realise this while some don't.

At the same time there are many things which are beyond our control. I mean there are many unruly issues in life which you have to take in your stride.

We got to prudently assess that what is that share of issues which are under our control and which are not.

A word of caution here! If we falter at this stage it will mean that we have let things go from our hands.


  • Disregard!(D)

If you have meticulously decided that there are few things you cannot be in charge of, there is no meaning on mulling over them to take a charge of those issues. So forget it!

Step –IV

  • Finish it!(F)

Since you have already chalked out that many things are in your control, go for it now. Complete the tasks and employ all your pent up emotions in accomplishing those issues!

This was the ARDF rule which comes very handy in our day to day functioning.

After putting in your best shot, more often than not you will see that you are out of the frustration zone.

So now you see how frustration can be so helpful in life? So whenever you are frustrated next time, don't be distressed. You never know….it might help you!

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." - Carl Bard

Nishant Agrawal
Asst. Manager
Training and Development
Sahara Prime City Ltd.

Source: E-mail June 17, 2009



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