Dr. Vinay M. Agrawal
Executive Director
Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM)

Summary: Dr. Vinay Agrawal, PhD, Executive Director at Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Big Vacancy and St. Peter's High School is an educationist with strong leadership qualities.

Winner of several awards such as the National Excellence Award-2016, Education Excellence Award-2015, Brands Academy Icon of the Year-2015, Bharat VikasRatna-2012, ShikshaBhartiPuraskar-2010 and many more. A true visionary who strives to spread education in all parts of the world.

He is extensively involved in various independent and joint initiatives worldwide. He has striven hard to establish the ISBM network in pan-India and at multiple locations internationally till date. His efforts in introducing demand based academic programmes and research initiatives in open and higher education are widely admired.

Dr.VinayAgrawal, Ph.D., MBA, D.E. in Computer Science serves as the Executive Director at ISBM. He is a highly acclaimed person with an enthusiastic fervor and an ambition to bring innovative changes in the education system. His pioneering efforts towards the Indian education system are unparalleled. He is highly competent with excellent leadership and qualities and decision making capability.

Dr. VinayAgrawalis also the owner of DhartiGroup of CompaniesandSt. Peter's School in Mumbai.  He is a builder and also popular in the field of logistics.   He has a dynamic and versatile personality, and is widely recognized for his role in shaping the Indian education system and as an innovator in distance education. He is recognized for his outstanding contribution to higher education in India and globally.

Managing an organization is not an easy job. There are so many intricacies associated with operating an organization in a healthy manner. Dr. Agrawal is highly competent at handling the complexities arising during various functions of the organization.

Dr. Agrawal is a visionary thinker with a persistent ambition to reform the education system and collaborate it with research and innovation.   He is the founder and trustee of St.Peter's High School, Mumbai.

He established the Most Innovative distance-learning institute ISBM, and with his efforts and diligence got various accreditations to the institute to make it a global success and took the challenge of building the nascent education business, with a strong focus on technology, innovation, and research.

Leading by example is Dr. Agrawal's crucial trait. He always keeps his students motivated and believes that a two-way communication is the key. He encourages them to learn from difficult workplace experiences. He believes that judgment, diplomacy, and sensitivity must be acquired through experience. Diplomacy in particular will be an increasingly important skill for corporate leaders as business becomes more global. He is an inspiration to his students as he motivates them to be good leaders.

Dr. Vinay M. Agrawal
Executive Director
Indian School of Business Management and Administration (ISBM)



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