How I Prepared Myself For
MBA Entrance ?


Anuj Arora
Batch of 2003-05
IIM-Ahmedabad /


Hi janta!! Before I start this article I would like to WARN u!! anyone who has got big expectations from life in IIM or another good MBA inst,shld shut this page & go to something prettier cos this are gonna get messy overhere.

For all those who have read my previous article "I'm BACK". But in tatters. One month in IIM-A has already taken it's toll & if that was not enough , I'd my first Mid-TERMS which means the torture of whole months concentrated in 6 exams!!

To start from the beginning' It is business as usual and I have formulated a weird daily pattern that is sustainable.

I wake at 8:30 am EVERYDAY and sleepwalk through the minimal effort required that makes me look "presentable" in class .every day I've to make a critical decisions regarding "time management" such as:

1) have both bath & breakfast( becoming a rarity)
2) bath but no breakfast
3) breakfast but no bath
4) neither( becoming alarmingly a regular option)

Every day I've to I take solace that, some people arrive in far worse shape than me, others fight a losing battle with sleep and occasionally doze off right under the prof's nose. 4 hours later, I lumber off to the mess, and just can't wait to fall on my bed, UNLESS, the class notice board has the deadly signs of a quiz at 2:30 pm. Which means, another hour of frenetic page turning followed by sitting emptily through 15, 30, 40 minutes back in the classroom for the quiz to get over by.

Abt the prof they r GOD!! Many are in consulting as well for big MNCs & GOVT OF INDIA. as well.The class room is akin to an amphitheatre, with name slips arranged, to confine each soul to his dreadful misery for the rest of the year to a single seat. For ex my name Anuj hasn't done anything good since I've to sit in front row right under the Prof's nose. So in evening I manage to get a hour or so sleep which is very necessary for those "long nights!!" it's 6:00pm  & I'm confused abt which subject to start. I would like to add that for each subject there is a long reading to b done, usually exceeding 15 pages & the very inevitable small fonts to ensure we read more!!

Then it is 8:00 and still no headway in preparation for the next day's class, so I give up and head for the mess, and sit amidst people who give my confident a bad jolt by offering some free advice on the mess tables. "Haan, Economic Analysis kaa next chapter ho gaaya, read the case also, very easy to solve yaar..... pass the water please".

Then it is soon 10:00 pm and after some more struggle between accounting and Human Resources, I give up and head for the CA in the adjoining room, who gleefully smiles and is chased around by several of the so-called engineering types like me. At 12:00 midnight, we have a birthday in our dormitory, and there is a proper round of cakes and bumps. Birthday's are a nice thing here, dorms have proper dorm "birthday manager" who formally circulate a mail across the institute, arrange for cake and pastries, and also get their share of bumps. Also, they ensure that there is a fair sprinkling of the feminine kind around to witness the inanities other people impose on the birthday boy. Also there is this tradition of getting one's face smeared by the birthday cake and cream by a girl of your choice, if she obliges, else some sympathetic lady comes forth to do the honors. The face looks ugly, but I believe it is worth it. So I cannot wait for mine to come by....

Also my dorm (hostel)  "D2"has a glorious past 7 is well known for it's special charterstic of "dunking" the other students. So I've live to the expectations as well.

It is 2:00 am and I head for the canteen, after promising to wind up the day by 4:00 am. At 2:00 am, everybody is awake. There are meetings scheduled at 3:00 am in the night sometimes.5:00 am and everything is a mess now.

My std of leaving has been decreasing everyday. Earlier I'd rarely wake up till 3:00 but now things keep getting worse each day. So now I've woken up till 4,4:30,5:,5:30,6 am!!. It's our duty to tell the birds that wake up guys!! We r kind of their alarm sys.

That's about it. In case of a detailed description of life at a B-school, a guy called Peter Robinson has done a far better job with "Snapshots from Hell". In case this induces fear, then that is what it is meant to do. Keeping sanity is an uphill task.

Hence as a payment for writing this article for u guys I expect u all to prey for some less mortal souls like us who r facing music everyday!!

Byeee & enjoy your life because u never know how bad it can get!!

Anuj Arora
Batch of 2003-05
IIM-Ahmedabad. /


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