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Anuj Arora
Batch of 2003-05
IIM-Ahmedabad /


The zombie is back and has managed to climb up to the 2nd semester. Yes guys I managed to survive first semester usually referred to as the "toughest 3 months of life" by the IIM-fraternity. You all must be wondering that what kind of horrid stories and description do I have now to reveal regarding the life in IIM-A. Guys this time it won't be that much about the miserable life, assuming that to be there throughout. This time I will b covering the better things of life, the people over here i.e. GOD level students and professors and other aspects of life. To start with yesterday was one of most memorable days in IIM-A for me & loads of other people. One of our quite renowned alumni came to meet us informally. He has a fan following barring country boundaries and it's related to the passion of India.

Yes readers' u guessed it right, it is "Harsha Bhogle". Few of u may be surprised to know that he is an IIM-A alumni, but that's the reality. Adding to that, IIM-A is even more important to him since he found his wife "Anita" here during college life. Talking to him made us realized that it is really worth going through this life of misery, pain and daily fight for survival. He said that and I quote him "Having survived this place, I was confident of facing anything in life". This place makes you a fighter if you are not. Even our professors tell us the same. For ex Eco God, Prof. Ravinder Dholakia well known in his field besides being consultant to the state govt. on various issues said "Just surviving this place means you succeeded".

In this place you see the best of talent India has to offer and a guy like who would've never dreamed to b among such a awesome talent is really bedazzled. At a place like this u learn to accept your limitations and like yourself for what u are. To give a few ex. One of our prof. is MIT alumni and he gave his thesis in 17 pages which otherwise ppl take 100-200 pages. Other prof. is a gold medalist CA & was formerly Finance Manager for "Rolls Royce" global operations to name a few.

Among students there are people who had option of going to MIT, Stanford and there is one who's girl friend is studying in MIT. Final yr student have started getting PPOs (pre placement offers) from MNCs for foreign placements. One of them has got Signing amt of 10,000 USD (approx 4.5 lac)

Sometimes it feels good when we see that students from other colleges come here to have a tour of our campus and library. To add to that the recent surveys of B schools has really said it all and esp. by Economic Survey which has placed IIM-A as rank 49 across world, highest rank by any Asian inst.

But besides that we see students which are so humble and co- operating. A lot of ppl have a misconception of IIM grads being snobbish kind; I would like to say they are not. U just have to meet them to believe me.

That would be all for now, hoping this inside view would've been of some use and interest to u, now I should take all this optimism away and get back to reality. The pt of views differ depending on whether u r outside or inside the border.

Enjoy to max. & keep fighting (not literally) in life. This is a lesson u can learn without coming here.

Anuj Arora
Batch of 2003-05
IIM-Ahmedabad. /

Source : E-mail October 2003


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