How I Prepared Myself For
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Anuj Arora
Batch of 2003-05
IIM-Ahmedabad /


"Life is a roller coaster u just have to ride inů" with these lyrics from Ronan Keating song I continue. Two terms are over, I've been placed for summers with a decent company (can't tell the name, have to save my internship) in Bangalore and I'm almost used to the grilling life over here but don't want to push the limits. This time while thinking abt writing another article I was a bit apprehensive. The website guys would be tired of reading my articles & they may say "NOT HIM AGAIN". But due to innumerous replies I've got from the readers and their request to write more about life in here, I said ok, anyway I feel liking writing diary of some sorts when I write these articles, so here I'm.

This time I would give u a snap shot of Summers placement procedure over here and some other interesting incidents. To start with more than 45 ppl have been placed abroad including 36 for I-Banking aka Investment Banking that is a lot more than B&C combined about 9-10 each. To give more descriptive idea we've 4 sections in our batch. In one of the section(A) itself there r 11 I-Bank foreign placements which is more than both B & C. I think that tells it all. Now abt the procedure, ist the CVs of the whole batch is sent to the companies based on which short list is made & then there are rounds of GDs & Interviews for almost all companies. After that there are list of ppl getting offers from different companies and the student which company he would choose. There is one important thing, for all those working right now & planning to do MBA I would advise that u try to get in with around less than 2yrs of work ex coz for more than that amount of work ex, sometimes it can go against you in summers. That is my perception and a sincere request to the GIRLS, plz study hard & get in. your life would heaven once u get in (but remember the concept of relativity). Companies esp banks have preference for girls for both summers and final placements. The reason being that boy to girl ratio is around 1:7, so u can guess the situation at least the poor engineers can.

Some companies have a PPO policy (Pre Placement Offer), which means that company where u did your summers offers u a job based upon your work in summers itself, so u can just chill  & enjoy life to max.

There are some other sideline benefits as well of being here. To give an example a fresher & 21 yr old guy like me, (did I tell u that??) gets to b on Three National Channels    (AAJ TAK, CNBC & NDTV to b aired soon). Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that to happen. All that was in response to the recent CAT scandal. This has been made possible coz IIM-A being the Mecca of   management education in India & I happen to b there to air my views. In addition to that in the recently held CONFLUENCE (India's biggest international B-School event) I got an excellent opportunity to talk to the students from world's best business school like Wharton, London Business School, MIT Sloan & a lot more and now am in contact with them.

But life over here is not totally virtual. For ex during the recent match of India vs. Aus that India won our professor allowed us to come to the class 15 minute late which otherwise is totally impossible.

There r so many learnings that u get, for ex for the ist time I realized the advantages of wearing specs, u can sleep right under the prof.'s nose & that even if u have a presentation at 9:00 in the morning, u can work whole night till 7:00 (another unwanted night-out) & stay in your senses etc.

On this note I would end this post & wish u all Happy New Yr & Best of luck!!

Anuj Arora
Batch of 2003-05
IIM-Ahmedabad. /

Source : E-mail December 31, 2003


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