How I Prepared Myself For
MBA Entrance ?


Baskar Vembu
Batch of 94.

Take all tests timed. i.e. even if you're doing one section of half hour say verbal. Time it and take it UNDISTURBED.

Analysis of the test is more important than the test taking itself. for example a 2 hour test taken should be analysed : All questions including those which have been attempted right. This would introduce one to more elegant solutions etc.

Maintain section wise data across tests on parameters like No. of questions, no. attempted, right, wrong and net score.

Analyse this trend to arrive at the areas or sections where one needs to spend available time in the most optimum manner.

Flash cards for Verbal (Dont know whether they are still part of CAT, but anyways...)

Guys who are diffident in quant need loads of practise so buy up GMAT/GRE stuff but reduce the time provided to a maximum of half of the time specified in those books.

Group interaction keeps oneself motivated hence keep the networking on : make sure they're serious guys too...

Baskar Vembu
Batch of 94.  IIM-Ahmedabad.


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