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In recent years, marketers have found baby boomers a particularly desirable target audience because - They are the single largest distinctive age category alive today,
- They frequently make important consumer purchase decisions, and
- They contain a small sub-segment of trend setting consumers (sometimes known as yuppies young upwardly mobile professionals) who influence the consumer tastes of other age segments

Who are Baby Boomers?
The term baby boomer refers to the age segment of the population that extends from about 30 to the late 40s. They may be white-haired or bald headed but these persons are young at heart. They constitute 45% of the adult population.

Segmenting the Baby Boomer Market
Though an age segment unto itself, baby boomers can be further divided into two sub segments:
i) Young Boomers: Those in their late 20 to mid 30s; and
ii) Older Boomers: Those from 35 to the late 40s. As might be expected, the age split is reflected in living arrangements and lifestyles. Younger boomers are more likely to be single, living with their parents, or married without children. Older boomers are more likely to be married, have children and / or living in households separate from their parents. These factors affect both consumption needs and behaviour.

Consumer Characteristics of Baby Boomers
Baby boomers tend to be motivated consumers. They enjoy buying for themselves, for their homes or for others. They are also physically active and involved in more leisure-time pursuits than other individuals. They have far more spending power than the teenagers and 20 something that much of the country's advertising tries to woo. The baby-boomer market is consumption oriented.

Demographic / Psychographic Traits of Baby Boomers:

Demographic Traits:-
Both males and females
- Mostly 35 45 years of age
- Reside in major metropolitan areas
- Single / Dual family income
- Professional / Managerial positions or self-employed
- College education is minimum

Personality / Psychographic Traits:-
Achievement oriented
- High fashion involvement
- Recreational shoppers
- Credit-card users
- Status-brand purchasers
- Physical-fitness concerns

Marketing to Baby Boomers (Based on DO s and DON'T s)
Rather than mass marketing for youngsters that relies on quick fads, marketing for baby boomers need message that speak more intimately to individual tastes. Another success story is Central Sports Co., Japan, which renamed its exercise facilities 'wellness club', rather than 'fitness club' to attract an older gym-shy crowd through beginners' aerobics classes, herbal baths and golfing lessons. Central sports which runs 155 health clubs nationwide, posted 950 million yen ($8 million) in sales last year.

DO s
- Learn as much as you can about the mature adult market. Understanding behaviour is the key to success in this market.
- Design your products or services promotion or advertising to allow the consumer to define the product or services attributes using his or her own imagination
- Design your products or services to meet functional, social reinforcement, and related experiences expectations
- Give the mature adult the facts
- Portray mature adults as doing for others, as individuals, as smart, as active, as wise
- Touch their hearts and they will allow you to enter their minds.

- Don't focus as if the boomers were aged

Since Boomers are that much matured than others, marketing to boomer has to be done very carefully. Target the boomers as like others. For example, a Japanese mobile phone company comes out with an appeal 'Cell phone for beginners', rather than appealing as a grandpa and granny phone.

Consumer Behaviour - Leon G. Schiffman, Lazar KanukBusiness Line dt. August 29, 2002-09-03

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K.V. Kannan
Lecturer, Department of MBA
K.S.R. College of Arts & Science
K.S.R. Kalvi Nagar, Thokkavadi P.O., Tiruchengode-637 209
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