A Touch of Human Face: Rail Budget 2010


Amiya K. Mohapatra
Faculty of Economics
ICFAI Business School (IBS)

An Introduction

Indian Railways is considered the lifeline of Indian economy flowing as the blood through the body. More specifically and precisely it is a sign of unity in diversity and national integration of culture which connects different people different with castes, language, and religion by growing together.

In fact Rail Budget is quite significant as it is framed separately and presented before the parliament as a separate entity. Indian Railways as an organization apart from generating revenue as a social responsibility and committed for inclusive growth of the population at large by generating employment opportunity and add much to our standard of living. We always evaluate all the budgetary aspects with regards to financial parameters but a lot of things get evaluated in the light of welfare and human values.


Now let us examine and analyze certain important issues of the present Rail Budget-2010 relating to humanitarian values:

  • Much importance is given to the special benefits of the children and women with regards to security and safety and above all fear-free friendly atmosphere during travel. To implement this concept the present Rail Budget proposed 12 companies of women R.P.F. personnel called as "Mahila Vahini" for the security purpose is deployed to protect women from any kind of harassment during the journey.
  • It has been proposed to wipe out the examination fees for women, minority community and economically backward candidates appearing for any kind of railway exams. It is contributing to the effort for the upliftment of neglected segment of the society.
  • To energize the whole security system for all the passengers, retired army/ex-service men will be given an opportunity to be included in the R.P.F. battalion, so that their expertise could be used to fight against any kind of accidents or mishaps occurring due to naxalites attacks and robberies etc.
  • As a contribution to the social infrastructure the present Rail Budget emphasizes on the health and education by planning to establish 400 hospitals, many diagnostic centers, 10 residential schools and around 50 "Kendriya Vidyalayas" all over India on the surplus land of Indian Railways.
  • In order to facilitate necessary facilities to the senior citizens and women passengers, the present rail budget will induct modern luggage trolleys with uniformed attendants.
  • To facilitate the candidate appearing for any railway examinations, the present Rail Budget has proposed to design question paper in major regional languages, with exams being held on the same date, across the region or country apart from Hindi, English and Urdu.
  • To develop bilateral peaceful co-existant relationship, the present Rail Budget has proposed to build rail link between India and Bangladesh from Agartala to Akhura.
  • Introduction of railway insurance to vendors and hawkers is also being proposed in the budget.
  • Cancer patient going for treatment or periodic check up either alone or with escort will be entitled to get 100% concession on 3rd A.C. as well as in sleeper class. This is a step forward for helping the people suffering from cancer,
  • To support the regional films and their growth, Rail Budget announced concession facility in travelling for film production and related crew members.
  • To counter attack the ongoing inflation, the present Rail Budget has reduced freight charges on food grains and kerosene. Definitely it's a good measure to check the price rise and reduce the ongoing inflation.
  • The budget announced that the land acquisition by the railway to be made bilateral–friendly and proper payment should be made for the same without any exploitation. This will help to reduce litigations and legal issues and thereby increasing the confidence among the people.
  • For better living conditions to the railway employees the budget has announced to provide houses in the next 10 years to all the employees.
  • In order to increase the safety and hygiene for the passengers, the budget has proposed six bottling plants to provide clean, cheap and pure drinking water to the passengers.


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Amiya K. Mohapatra
Faculty of Economics
ICFAI Business School (IBS)

Source: E-mail February 25, 2010


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