Research study on Convectional MBA colleges of Nanded


Prof. Jameel Pathan
Indigrow Institute of Professional Studies

This research article is based on a study conducted by me for the students of MBA graduates from convectional Govt Colleges of Nanded in order to enable them to understand

Why most of the students are getting good placement, most of the convectional colleges are not on condition that place to student in good co., highly reputed organization are not arranging campus interview at above colleges, why students domain knowledge is poor. The outcome of the research helps the faculty of the convectional colleges have to be more prepared, to develop right student in their colleges or faculties should be well experienced from corporate  with better domain knowledge so that convectional college's student will develop as like as IIM student

Research Questions

The research questions incorporated in the study are follows:

1. what do you understand from particular faculties lecture?

2. Do you have good knowledge of any management subject?

3. did your faculty giving any example by which you easily understand or your knowledge improves?

4. How many time your faculty has conducted Mock interview/GD/PI/ Presentation?

5. Is your faculty experienced or fresh graduate? 

6. Have you soft skill trainer placement coordinator?

Research Outcomes:

Highly experienced faculty require from corporate.

It is observed that highly experienced faculty have good domain knowledge they can teach to student theory as well as practical, also improve English communication level of the student thereby student can easily understand particular subjects concept as well as he will improve his/her domain knowledge.

Theory as well as practical experience after finished the topic:

It is universal truth that after teaching theory if the faculty assign to student operation workout: The practical study on particular subject, i.e.  Faculty has finished consumer buying behavior topic he should assign to student Operation workout  practical analysis on that topic, so that  student can clear his/her concept

Coating easy and current example to student regarding subject topic:

It is reported by majority students if faculty has given us any live or current example  related with topic  we can betterly understand the subject, so faculty should aware about new cases  of management and give relevant example to student, according to students grasping ability faculty should deliver his lecture .

Conducting mock interview which build students confidence:

It is observed that in most of the colleges faculties are not conducting mock interview at the placement time they try to mold to student, in the shortest time how ca student prepare himself for interview, many of the tie student met with phobia of interview because of this student cannot perform in the interview.  

Highly experience faculty can develop good student fresher's also do it but they have to do lot of hard work:

It is reported by majority student our faculty is very fresh many of the time he commit mistakes in teaching because particular faculty belongs to our Institutes chairmen's relative or who is having some political support  or that particular faculty is not regular .

Soft skill Trainer and Placement coordinator have vital role in management institute:

It is observed in many of the convectional colleges they are not appointing Soft skill Trainer, he is the backbone of the institute who can well develop to student by the way of communication improvement, GD/PI/Presentation skills improvement so that student can build their attitude not only attitude but also they will improve Knowledge, Skills, Attitude

Placement coordinator also playing very vital role in the management institute, because he can betterly knows what corporate require and which sector having mass vacancies which is the long term sector all this things knowledge he have.

Conclusion: Management is purely professional degree faculty should require more strong in domain. Students having lots of expectation at list some expectation should fulfill my institute's management whenever recruiting faculty do not believe in recommendations, select deserve faculty for student. Select soft skill trainer and placement coordinator. So that convectional colleges of Nanded can develop good management students and they will get good companies for placement on higher salary packages.

Prof. Jameel Pathan
Indigrow Institute of Professional Studies

Source: E-mail August 3, 2010


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