Women Entrepreneur
Crafting a Leadership with Vision


Alok Johari
Sr. Lecturer

India after liberation wave of women Entrepreneurship has come with vision and new dimension, Biocon CEO Kiran Majumdar Shaw ,has started her Biocon in just 10000Rs  Biocon now has become deal Biotech company  ,7 women form Lizzat Papad food ind on the Cooperative basis now become a trusted Brand in food industries Ekta Kapoor"s Balaji Tele films set up the perfect example of young Entrepreneur ,So many women has form S.H.G. (self help group)to become a Prospect Entrepreneur, be in Service Industries Knowledge Industry, Manufacturing Industry women Entreneur has created New Vision and example, for Example Sunita Senapaty of WOW Journeys Pvt Ltd. Lalita Gupta ,Simone Tata, Nelam Dhawan of Microsoft who has increase sales volume of  Microsoft of about 35%.,VidhyaManohar of $1.5bJumbo group. Ritu Girotra a young Merchant Banker just 28 years has vital role in 83000Rs crore deal between Vodafone and Essar Mrs. Veena Mathur Chair Person of R.B.M.I. Bareilly has started school a 2 Decade ago with just 5 student now has Turn around the school in Leading Mgt,Engineering  B pharm college with over 3000 student and giving precious contribution in India's GDP.

Hence so many women Entrepreneur has set new dimension of Entrepreteurnership in both stragically and Turnaround ,Indira Nooi has show her skill in Pepsi strategically marketing in beverage and fast food business after successful Merger of Tropicana. it is amazing Shahnaj Hussein ,how she manage inventory of over 5000 product what is her supply chain management ,with out advertisement and promotional strategy her product has acquire distinctive  global brand loyalty

Women entrepreneur and culture

INDIAN orthodox culture deny women to start their Enterprises but in transitions of culture to self depend culture women entrepreneur has set new dimension in north east they form Self Help Group (S.H.G.) and and new business model they simultaneous run their family with Ethics and Enterprise 99%women Entrepepure is married but they turn around their family business .women Entrepreneurs are facing specific  obstacle such as family Responsibilities, increased participation of women in human resource is prerequisite

For improving the position of women in society and self employment in Europe estimate indicate that there exists more than 10billin Self Employed Women, in U.S. 6.4million Self Employed Women provide employment for 9.2million people


So many government  Tax Holiday and incentive plan and special package is available for women Entrepreneurship S.I.D.O. has given E.D.P. training to the women besides this National Institute for small Entripse and Training at Hyderabad Entrepreneurship development institute of India Ahmedabad Prototype development and training centre F.I.W.E(Federation of Indian women Entrepreneur)was able toget women on boards now women Entrepreneur can get just 10% and can obtain financing for the remaining 90% this give to Small Businesses still this is very positive change H.L.L. with  the Andhra Government in year 2000 in Small Pilot project of Micro Lending dubbed project SHAKTI now this project is expand in 12 states as the with help of government Agencies SHW (self help group)with a total  of 72031 monthly saving  monthly saving is 5120825 and total turn over of 1781611474 and total beneficiaries are 459810 total loan received by S.H.G. is Rs  unemployed and 195 members are doing small scales Enterprise in joint venture 9579 women have purchased property in their names

Success dispersion

Success dispersion has show that women entrepreneur ship is very positive if Standard deviation and correlation used it show that women entrepreneur has acquired desired result with strong variables. Correlation of Biocon and Biotech Bioformulation has given correlation of inventory management and Shanaj Hussein "s cosmetic product has given effective coefficient which removes weak complex variable to acquire required E.O.Q (Economic Order Quantity). and B.E.P.(BREAK EVEN POINT.) . Since 1901 to 1991 working population of females is not stable like

            Year                   Persons                       Males                      Females

    1. 1901                     46.1                          60.8                        31.7
    2. 1911                     48.1                          62.0                        33.7
    3. 1921                     46.9                          60.4                        32.6
    4. 1931                     43.8                           58.1                        28.8       
    5. 1951                     39.1                          53.9                         23.4
    6. 1961                     43.1                          57.3                         28.0
    7. 1971                     34.2                          52.7                         14.2
    8. 1981                     36.7                          52.6                          19.7
    9. 1991                     37.5                          51.6                         22.3

Women entrepreneur and regional imbalance

Regional imbalance can be remove if regional government and govt agencies encourage women entrepreneur's investment as FDI in their respective regional state region state bench mark  this investment as f.d.i in Africa  in 1992 many African countries have made it an important policy objective to attract more foreign direct investment into their countries in response to this declared intention MIGA organized roundtable on foreign direct invest men policies in africaGABORONE in BOTSWANA in early June 1992 during 1960-70 flow of FDI is very slow but after roundtable  flow has become speedy

Illiteracy family responsibilities and ignorance of women entrepreneur's investment has created regional imbalance vandana luthara"s led V.L.C.C. has invested in MAURISUS why not in u.p.or backward state very pathetatic Statics show just only19968 out of 63452 (31.42%) lowest 862 in terms of number&34.34% in percentage in U.P. unit belong to women Entrepreneur Women participation in India in year 2001 is only31.6% in comparision of 45%of U.S.A. 35% of SRI Lanka

Women entrepreneur and leadership

Leadership is inner initiative, passion attitude and mind set, women entrepreneur has show their talent. In present economic gamut which is

2 Communications

Since transition of

1 -Engineering

Communication sector Shobha Bhartariya of H.TGROUP. Radhica Roy of N.D.T.V. Ekta kapoor"s of Balaji Tele Films Juhi Chawala of Red Chilly Ent Ltd in information sector, in Tradition  Business only 7 women form Lizzat  papad, now a group of  over 50000 women Barkha Dut has given new dimension to communication,   in Engineering ,Electronics .Energy, Electricity  the undisputed leader like AkhilaShrinivasan of Shriram Investment Rajshree Pathy of Rajasthan sugar mills Sullaja Firodia  of Kinetic Engineering Parveshram Godrej of Godrej has given new version  ..From Mass Banking to Universal Banking Indian women has written new chapter like Naina Lal H.S.B.C.Ranjana Kumar of NABARD Chanda Kochar of ICICI Bank Arjini Vakil of E.X.E.M Bank


Like Mary KayAsh, Jenna Jemeson who set new Mile Stone in 20"th century but in 21"th Indian women has given in $ 68 trillions global Economy significant contribution.  Inspite of certain problem like psychological difference, demographic socio-personal differences,. with Government and Non Government Entrepreneur scheme S.T.E.P. I.R.D.P  D.W.R.S.P vocational training programme for women like TRYSEM  S.S.I.D.C. D.I.C. MahilauUyogNeedhi scheme and Association like S.E.W.A .A.W.E.K  N.A.Y.E., Now Women Entrepreneur become Global Entrepreneur like Indira Nooyi turn around PepsiCo after using M&A strategy acquire QUAKER OATS, TROPICANA. in 2009 she is nominated C.E.O.of the year.Bicon"s IPO was over subscribed over 30 times she (K .M. Shaw) is the richest women in India around $580 billion Simone Tata has turn around small unknown Lakme into well known Cosmetic company later on sold to H.U.L Lymn desouza of Lintas media group, Usha Throat Deputy governor R.B.I., Sangita Talwar of TaTa Tea, Rupa Kudva of CRISILEtc

India is brimming with the success stories of women they stand tall from the rest of crowd and are applauded for their achievements in their respective field


2-INDIA 2001

Alok Johari
Sr. Lecturer

Source: E-mail August 28, 2010


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