Comparative Study of Reader Preferences among Hindi Dailies:
with Special reference to Dainik Bhaskar & Naidunia, Indore


Ms. Prachi Sharma
Asst. Professor
Dr. Punit K.Dwivedi
Sr. Lecturer
Mr. Upendra Singh Panwar
Asst. Professor
Lt.Col. (Retd.) Dr. V.K.Gautam
Modern Institute of Professional Studies


Print media is the medium that disseminates a printed matter, Initiated since the late 1700s, 214 daily newspapers were published in dailies. Local media in Indore is very strong and flourishing. Indore has been seat of journalism in the state for a long time. There are a number of newspapers, magazines and local TV stations. Although Naidunia is one of the oldest newspaper publications, with a history of 59 years, Dainik Bhaskar is most widely read newspaper of the city and region.

Dainik Bhaskar: Dainik Bhaskar started in Indore approximate two decades ago and today they have the largest circulation in India for their flagship publication. D B Corp is the only Newspaper Group which has presence in 13 states and 1 Union territory, in 3 different languages namely Hindi, Gujarati and English.

D B Corp Ltd. is one of the leading print media companies in India, publishing 7 newspapers, 51 newspaper editions and 130 sub-editions in three languages (Hindi, Gujarati and English) in 13 states in India.

In their flagship newspapers, Dainik Bhaskar (in Hindi),Divya Bhaskar and Saurashtra Samachar (in Gujrati), have a combined average daily readership of 17.2 million readers, making us one of the most widely read newspaper groups in India with presence in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Delhi, Gujarat and Maharashtra. Our other newspapers are Business Bhaskar, DB Gold and DB Star and, on a franchisee basis, DNA (in Gujarat and Rajasthan).

Due to unique launch ability, they became no.1 from the date of their Launch in almost all places, out placing the decades old local newspaper of that place.

Warburg Pincus, one of the leading Private Equity Investors, acquired 7.14% stake in our Company in 2006 and since then, the nominee director from Warburg Pincus is on our board, which has further strengthened and consolidated our Corporate Governance practices.

Naidunia: Naidunia is news paper with rich history and it still remains (in the minds of people) as a scholarly paper with its comparative commanded approach to language. NaiDunia represents Hindi print media fraternity as one of the oldest, most reputed and pioneer of Hindi dailies. Established in 1947 just before independence by Freedom Fighters Babu Labhchand Chhajlani & Shri Basantilal Sethia, NaiDunia has traversed across the independent era of modern day India. Over the years even though NaiDunia's geographical boundaries were limited to central India,NaiDunia made its mark on national press scene because of its quality journalism & technical excellence. Through its 60 years journey NaiDunia has successfully instituted norms of credibility and truthfulness for an ideal print medium. It has set itself apart in the society by its issue based, unbiased and non-prejudiced reporting. NaiDunia is also recognized as school of Hindi Journalism where most of the top editors and reporters of India graduated. Every Hindi Newspaper of India can be claimed to have someone who began his or her Journalistic career at NaiDunia.

Objectives of the Study:

a) To find out the reader preference on the basis of certain factor.
b) To carry out the competitive analysis of two newspaper
c) To determine which newspaper is good in coverage.
d) To identify the attributes which attract the readers?
e)  To know which newspaper supplement is most liked by readers.

Research Methodology: The present study will be an exploratory study which aims to find out the reader preference for the two most preferred newspapers of Indore, Naidunia and Dainik- Bhaskar. 

The universe of study includes newspaper readers in Indore city. The purposive sampling method will be used to select sample. The sample size will consist 100 readers (50 male and 50 female) of Naidunia and Dainik- Bhaskar in Indore city.

A detailed taxonomy based questionnaire will be developed after extensive reviewing the literature besides ascertaining personal view of the reader's respondents.

The useful data would be collected from both primary and secondary source of information. Data Collection will be mainly done through questionnaire. Some non-structure conversation and talks will also have their valuable place in work.

1. Identification of target readers to be taken for study
2. Approaching to the selected readers.
3. Meeting them and explaining them purpose of the study
4. Handling them over the questionnaire tool with instruction to fill it up and supply the required information without hesitation
5. Collecting the filled questionnaire personally with giving thanks and assurance of confidential.

Data Analysis and Interpretation

The researcher first of all the filled up questionnaire will be check for the completeness and the ones in which responses to all the statements are completed will be select for analysis and the questionnaire which are incomplete in any respect will be rejected .After that all the response will be score and tabulated heading wise and percentage will be computed for each unit under study separately.

Analysis & Findings:

What is the basic or main feature you like to see while selecting any newspaper?

* 25% readers would like the content covered from various areas.
* 11% like full description i.e. big Stories.
* 7% like paper quality of newspaper
* 57% like latest news updates

Which kind of newspaper you like?

* 72% reader's like's economics based business newspaper.
* 17% like general issue newspaper.
* 11% like terrorism news focused newspaper before buying any newspaper.

Matrimonial column of which among these two you prefer and why?

* 34% like Dainik bhaskar because most of the people approaches it
* 19% like Naidunia  because most of the people approaches it
* 33% like Dainik bhaskar because shows a latest and huge collection
* 14% like Naidunia  because shows a latest and huge collection

Which Newspaper Helps in Solving Unemployment Problem and How?

* 43% readers believes that Dainik Bhaskar shows a highest diversified job
* 16% believes that Naidunia shows a highest diversified job
* 29% believes that Dainik Bhaskar is the best media for company to approach largest number of people
* 12% believes Naidunia is the best media for company to approach largest number of people in solving unemployment problem.

How Readers Select the Best Newspaper to Purchase among Naidunia and Dainik Bhaskar?

* 39% readers purchase Dainik Bhaskar or Naidunia because of the Content of the newspaper
* 26% purchase on the basis of Number of years since from introduction
* 20% purchase on the basis of Number of readers 
* 15% purchase on the basis of price of the newspaper.

What are the criteria of children to compare both the newspaper and select the best one?

* 39% readers like Dainik Bhaskar because of "Bal-Bhaskar"
* 30% readers  like Naidunia because of "Spectrum"
* 21% readers like Dainik Bhaskar because it contain more stories, poem, puzzles for them
* 10% readers like Naidunia because it contains more stories, poem, puzzles for them.

Which students like the most and why?

* 30% readers like Dainik Bhaskar because it contain competitive news
* 25% like Naidunia because it contain competitive news
* 28% like Dainik Bhaskar because it enhance their general knowledge
* 17% like Naidunia because it enhance their general knowledge

Which newspaper house wives like the most and why?

* 39% house wife like Dainik Bhaskar because it contain lots of recipes for them
* 20% like Naidunia because it contain lots of recipes for them
* 25% like Dainik Bhaskar because it contains other household information
* 16% like Naidunia because it contains other household information.


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Source: E-mail December 4, 2010


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