S. Gnanavel,
Asst. Professor, HOD I/C
MBA Dept
NPR College of Engineering & Technology
Natham, Dindigul Dt.

We are now in the end of the decade 2000-2010.So many industries have flourished and some many have diminished, some of the industries are newly started. Most of the industries are facing problem to practice their business in the financial crisis storm which started from America and now keeps all the nations in its stranglehold. The industries throughout the world are adopting new strategies or changing their prevailing one. But the evergreen strategy which will help an organization to salvage it from a crisis or maximize the volume in the time of a boom is using effective sales force. Having a sales force is not important but it should be effective and efficient to penetrate in to the market and grab the desired sales. So we have to concentrate on our sales people, finding the real sales person will help us to make our product sales successfully.

Factors to find out a salesperson:

1. Good Appearance.
2. Patience.
3. Product knowledge.
4. Question Handling Ability.
5. Hard working.
6. Sales closing Ability.

Factors to find out a good salesperson:

1. He makes a more enthusiastic presentation.
2. He has the ability to clinch the order.  
3. He has greater product knowledge.
4. He pays closer attention to ensure that services rendered too the customer.
5. He has superior territory organization.
6. He answers objections better.
7.  He can obtain more customer interviews.

Charles Garfield has defined the successful sales person as Super Achievers. According to him they will have the qualities,

1. Risk Taking.
2. Powerful sense of mission.
3. Problem solving Ability.
4. Care for the customer.

Robert Mcmorry exclaimed salesmanship that,

It is my conviction that the possessor of an effective sales personality is a habitual wooer.  An individual who has a compulsive need to win and have the affection of others.

Six General Qualities:

1. Honesty and reliability:

The salesperson must be one who can be trusted as he has to handle even money, besides merchandise.  He must be prompt and on the job every day.  He must be one who can be relied on not only by the management but also by his customers and his fellow employees.

2. Self starter:

A sales person is often on his own, particularly the traveling sales
Person must therefore be able to work without constant supervision.

3. Orderliness:

The salesperson should have a neat and pleasing appearance and must be one who keeps things clean and in working conditions.

4. Friendliness:

Perhaps friendliness is one of the most important Qualities.  We must be sociable and must get along with people, as otherwise he will not be able to sell at all.

5. Self control:

We should be able to handle difficult people and not lose his temper or become upset.

6. Good Hand writing:

We should be able to write legibly, as sales person, often have to write orders and complete report forms.

Five physical factors:

1. Rest and relax
2. Work hard and intelligently.
3. Personal Mannerisms.
4. Your choice.
5. Make an impression on yourself and others.

If an organization can identify these factors and develop the desired qualities in its sales people they will help to build effective and efficient sales force. It can be easily made out. We can impart and develop the qualities by the way of Training programs, Seminars, Soft skills development sessions and so. The output will be a successful productivity oriented team which will help the organization to increase its market share and in turn the industry will also flourish. If all the companies in the particular industry do an efficient sales strategy. So the GDP will increase and finally it will help our country to become another one most powerful and developed nation in the globe.


1.Marketing Management By Phillip Kotler

S. Gnanavel,
Asst. Professor, HOD I/C
MBA Dept
NPR College of Engineering & Technology
Natham, Dindigul Dt.

Source: E-mail December 26, 2010


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