How NLP does helps in better Rapport and Stress Relive in Organization


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How NLP does works in negative situation and create positive energy and clear in communication

1) Reducing the Stress:

Action Step:

Consider yourself in a stress full situation and need to solve the problem and due course he needs to communicate the information to the higher official the steps as follows:

The question will follow as such" why this happens to me", " My boss always fires me up every day"," What the thing should be done for him". Oops lots more .. emerge in the mind of the successful employee.

1) First the person should identify the key problem for the rise of the problem. First he needs to get attached to anchor himself to the positive situation

2) Need to sit in chair and take a deep breath.

3) Need to visualize the picture where his/ her boss appreciated him for done the job greater.

4) Make the scene of picture sharper, brighter, and close enough to think on the same think.

5) Then Imagine the words spoken by the top officials to greet you at the work and mesmerize the audio in the mind to get enough the positive energy.

6) Break up and move around for 4 minutes and speak up to the person who is very positive to you.

Once he gets in the positive position he needs to call the mentor who in position to answer the problem in the key factors and motivate him

2) Second the role of the mentor is essential for better improvement. He/ She should have a good rapport towards his men tee whereas a trustful environment should be created to him.

Action Steps:

1) The mentor should be a two way street where as the Rapport building in NLP is the best way to have good knowledge about Men tee.

2) Empathy should be towards a men tee and organization and should offer encouragement and give feedback to him regarding the performance at work.

3) Once the feedback is given in positive manner the men tee will focus on positive arbitration towards the work.

4) Have a close relation ship with the mentor that trustworthy partnership need to be build on frequent communication  like wishes , praising etc..,

3) Third the team Participation Plays a vital role in development of communication. Team is the only source of action which implicit or explicit the behavior in the Concern towards the employee. They will help you in reducing the stress build in the mind of the person.

He need to communicate the problem occurred in his professional to his team mate whether he has a Rapport or not. A good rapport will help the person to communicate easier whereas the Rapport doesn't exists it will kill the communication between them.

It Until You Make It.

Sometimes, you have to pretend that you already have an existing rapport with your Collogue. How does this help?

The truth is that people who have already built up good rapport with another person tend to act differently. For one, they're more relaxed and open. Their tone of voice, posture and gestures all indicate that they have a good relationship with the other person. Just have a rapport with the near by person so that you can feel free to share the information and can bind together in the corporate society.

Action Steps:

1) Find a person who is very social together in the company.

2) Find out the positive and negatives concern to the person and motivate him to do better.

3) Have a friendly and personal talk with the person which brings a bind of relationship with each other in the environment.

4) Have positive driven force for him whenever he fades in the work and viceversa he will drive positive energy to him.

5) Avoid talking negative about the concern or particular person so that It will never boost the positive energy in once behavior and provide aggressive behavior towards the person.

b) Mirroring

Mirroring entails copying a person's mannerisms or word choices. For example, if the person you wish to build a rapport with has a habit of clasping their hands together, it wouldn't hurt for you to do the same thing in crucial moments of the conversation

Action steps:

1) Find the person how they behave in the organization with the senior officials and junior subordinates.

2) Find out the breath rate and posture of the person whom you need to have rapport with.

3) They do have a separate language through verbal and non verbal communication. Identify and due course practice the communication which in favor to them.

4) Lead the positive personality traits of them which in favor to them and practice in due course. Review speech and character exchange between you. If it is positive then have the same traits and improve them.


Stress is the external stimuli which inure in certain situation whereas you need to control the situation by thought process. NLP techniques will give the control over the situation how what, when to react to particular external stimuli and based on the thought process the situation is handled. The organization consists of different culture and adapt to the difference is where the thought process and mind examines. NLP helps in understanding yourself in most variety of situation and certain techniques leads you to success in organization and life.

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