Word of Mouth the Next best ad tool


Mr. Bharath T.S.
Department of MBA
SJB Institute of Technology

With the ongoing technological upgrades in almost all stream starting from marketing, finance & human resource it has become a trend to follow and adopt the latest techniques so has to have an edge with their competitors .

Usually technology has always been assisting the marketing area to spread its wings and also to reach the new heights in marketing their goods and services,

Word of Mouth Marketing, now a days is making immense impact on the marketing field because of its spreading functionality so that marketers can have the transfer of information from person to person with a lowest amount of investment.

Word of mouth is refers to oral communication and the passing of information from person to person.

Word of mouth has a variety of subcategories, including





Brand advocates

And another important point to be noticed here is oral communication

In case of Indian context it is evident that word of mouth plays a prominent & effective ad tool when compare with other tools. People have the tendency in listening to other people's verdict about a product or a service rather finding it out themselves.

India comes fourth among the top ten countries which trust in recommendations from consumers.

This clearly indicates that oral communication & the word of mouth plays a very important role in this activity.

When we talk of ad's the first thing that comes up to our mind is the money what we have invest here in getting  an ad designed by a well known ad agency in combination with a brand promoter personality has to be selected in enacting all these, so this require a lot of money to do this process.

So what I want say here is in case of "Word of Mouth" you don't require any investment here ,that is investment is zero, in addition to that u don't require any celebrity to endorse your product everything will be taken care by the oral communication.




Word of mouth advertising: Marketing-made-simple.com

Mr. Bharath T.S.
Department of MBA
SJB Institute of Technology

Source: E-mail March 11, 2011


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