Thinking Mind: the art of Self Branding


Prof. Sunil V. Chaudhary
V.V.Nagar, Anand

Many times we ask for particular brand of tea, coffee, milk, apparels, detergents, automobiles, and list is endless. The thing which differentiates brands from products is that brand has a reputation in quality, price, service, features, durability or any criteria which provides it with Unique Sales Proposition also called as USP.

Unique Sales Proposition is anything either in terms of features, price, and quality, durability which is better or unique than competitor's market offering and can satisfy the want of customers. The word market offering is not limited to products but even services, places, persons, events, nations, states and even cities are considered as market offerings. Each market offering in order to get favorable customer preference and buying has to offer superior value to customers.

In the employment market, the buyers are the employers and the sellers are the career or job seekers. Employers go for recruitment and selection procedure as they are in need of specific knowledge and skills to enable them to have sound business operations. Employment market has intensified competition as employment seekers are more than the available vacancies. To become reputed brand in employment market and in the organization few tips are offered:

* Develop knowledge and skills which are in great demand in the employment market.

* Write a good resume with proper emphasis on educational qualifications, skills, work experience and other achievements.

* Make the conscious choice of life long learning and improving your resume or profile by going for higher or further studies, attending seminars, conferences, writing articles etc.

* Do your work with utmost sincerity and with proper planning and time management.

* Avoid office gossips and don't indulge in unnecessary verbal discussions or arguments either with colleagues, superior's or subordinates.

* Do some more and varied work than what is expected of you. Working on holidays and Sundays may sound tedious, but then it works to your advantage by proving your initiative, loyalty and commitment to the institution.

* Take care of your physical appearance, and maintain your health by good exercise.

* Regular prayer and meditation are the sure stress busters and will help in staying positive, optimistic, hopeful and full of vigor and energy.

The art of self branding is to help you become a quality human resource or quality brand which delivers great value to employer who are buying your knowledge and skills.

Prof. Sunil V. Chaudhary
V.V.Nagar, Anand

Source: E-mail April 7, 2011


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