Couselling- A Way to Retain Employees in Corporate


Smita Khare
Asst. Professor
IIMT Engg. College


The latest trend catching up in the corporate across the world is "Employee counseling at workplace". In the world of ever increasing complexity and the stress in the lives, especially the workplaces of the employees. Employee counseling has emerged as the latest HR tool to attract and retain its best employees and also to increase the quality of the workforce.

In today's fast paced corporate world there is virtually no organization free of stress or stress free employee. The employee can be stressed, depressed, suffering from too much anxiety arising out of various workplace related issues like managing deadlines, meeting targets, lack of time to fulfill personal and family problems.

Organization has realized the importance of having a stress free yet motivated and capable workforce. Therefore many companies have integrated the counseling service in the organization and making part of their culture.


Employee counseling can be explained as a process through which one person helps another by purposeful conversation in an understanding environment. It seeks to establish a helping relationship in which the one counseled can express their thoughts and feelings in such a way as to clarify their own situation see their difficulty more objectively and so face their problems with less anxiety and tension. Its basic purpose is to assist the individual to make their own decision from among the choices available to them and to make aware of his own performance, his strength and weaknesses.


The counseling step specifies the details of all the steps that are to be followed while counseling an employee.

Select a suitable place
* Schedule the time
* Notify the subordinate well in advance
* Organize information
* Outline the counseling session components
* Plan your counseling strategy
* Establish the right atmosphere

Opening the session
* Discussing the issues
* Developing the plan of action
* Recording and closing the session


Counseling at workplace is needed to help people so that they can help themselves. It helps the employee to share and look at his problems from a new perspective help himself and to face and deal with the problems in a better way. Need for employee counseling arises due to various causes in addition to stress. These causes include:-

* Inter-personal problems
* Conflict at workplace
* Inability to meet job demands
* Work-over load
* Confrontation with authority
* Responsibility and accountability
* Constant pressure to meet the deadlines
* Casual attitude towards work
* Inability to cope with technology
* Family problems
* Health problems
* Financial problems
* Career problems


The main benefits of counseling are that it helps employees to have a life in which they can enjoy and appreciate. It can help employee to become the sort of person they wanted to be. Certain other benefits of counseling are:s-

* Personal insight
* Increased confidence and self esteem
* Ability to cope better in difficult circumstances
* Increased emotional awareness of self and others
* Improved Relationship
* More effective communication
* Resolving of conflicts
* Clarification of confused thoughts and feelings
* Increased motivation
* Allowing personal development and potential to become unstuck and grow


Counseling is a very delicate job requiring a lot of caution. These are a few guidelines which have to be followed and a few skills and techniques which have to apply while counseling any employee. They are-

* Plan the employee counseling session ahead of time and give the employee some advance notice.
* The counselor should be objective.
* The listening skill is the most important skill required for effective counseling.
* Empathetic listening means to see the problems and understand it from the point of view of other person.
* Conduct the counseling session in privacy.
* Focus attention on the employee's behavior and performance indicators that led to the counseling session.
* Be direct and honest.
* Keep an open mind. Look for a solution or set of solutions.
* Allow the employee an opportunity to talk.
* Do not speak in a derogatory manner to the employee.
* Time should not be a constraint in the process.


Counseling creates a space where employees can stop and reflect, check their maps and compasses and discover their authentic self. People can expose and explore the parts of themselves that they've been hiding for fear of rejection and learn to understand and accept those disowned parts and become more whole, without fear of judgment.

Smita Khare
Asst. Professor
IIMT Engg. College

Source: E-mail May 24, 2011


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