Job Satisfaction: A key to establishing a healthy Organizational Environment


G. Suresh Krishna
Research Scholar
Human Resource Management
Anna University of Technology

Job satisfaction is an important thing an individual has in the works. Each individual worker has different characteristics, and then the level of work satisfaction was different also. High or low job satisfaction can have an impact that is not the same. High job satisfaction is very possible to promote the establishment of company goals. While the level of job satisfaction is a threat that will bring destruction and gradually the company promptly. Hence job satisfaction is important in providing to show a healthy organizational environment. This article therefore looks into the way of bringing a healthy organizational environment by means of a key called Job Satisfaction.

Feldman and Arnold define job satisfaction as the amount of overall positive affect that individuals have towards their jobs. Job seems to be an important one in determining the skill and mindset of workers. Most of the employees in manufacturing industries have the skill to ensure a surety of success for the organization. But satisfaction factor of the employee depends on the amount of stress and benefits he is getting from his top boss or manager. The satisfaction level has the matter of ensuring a better source of work environment to the employees. Recent scenario in Indian and other parts of the world show a better source of tradition is maintained to secure the employees skills and use of the advanced technology is ensuring a success in the productivity of the organization. In the sense it is showing the better quality of ethics is followed to secure the organization environment. However as far as an individual is concerned, he needs more benefits and positive source of work environment from the organization to carry out his work.

Purpose of Job Satisfaction

Every employee will work for his own and for the success of organizations growth. The reason why job satisfaction is important is that it motivates other co-workers to be active in their job to carry on the success of their organization. The managers will have to look at the profits of their organization as well as have to focus on the employees well being who are laying the foundation for the growth of their organization. The manager at the top most level must have to eradicate the atrocity of paying more work load to the employees. Surely a well focused manager or boss must have to implements the standards for improving the satisfaction level of employees. In the sense it makes the employees get more involved in their job, typically we can say it as a job involvement. Once employees get involved in their job they can easily maintain their psychological emotions and assure of success in their work life balance also. The key factor is to maintain the employee interest in his particular job. The deviation of mind set of the employee surely brings destruction to the organization. Every step taken by the manager for the growth and productivity of the organization has to reflect the source of the satisfaction to the employee. On the other side which may be a money factor or promotion or other benefits.

What causes job Satisfaction

To develop a healthy organizational environment, employees must feel happiness in their job. A famous say "Happy Workers are Productive Workers" will surely have to take place in every organization. Different environment in the organization seem to be a challenging task for an employee to fit to the conditions. But the interesting fact is that it gives them opportunity to get variety of job tasks, training, work hours and control on their tasks. As compared to the routine tasks this will surely bring satisfaction to most of the employees who feel.

The other thing that an employee values most is the compensation and benefits. Money does not motivate people. But he should have to get reward for his job done. Employees working in shifts are expecting such benefits. But once comfortable living is reached the need for job satisfaction gets vanished. Jobs that are compensated handsomely have average job satisfaction level no higher than those that are paid much less.

Right work environment

The environmental influences on an organization are diverse in nature and include the competitors, suppliers, consumers, trade unions, technological breakthroughs, governmental regulations. These affect the organization both directly and indirectly. The entry of a competitor in the market would directly affect the organization, while it would be directly influenced by the changes in the socio-political environment. But for an employee is concerned the organization must have to build an environment favoring the satisfaction of the employees. The work environment must have to be remain stable through out the success and failures of the organization. Change can be made for growth of organization but not for destruction of employee satisfaction level. The can-do attitude and commitment has to be developed by the employee and it should have to be learnt form his work environment.


Apart from job conditions and work environment, the character also play a role in making an employee fit for the organization. People who are less positive about themselves are less likely to like their jobs. These core self evaluations shows the worthiness of fulfilling and satisfying the needs of the organization and for him self. Sometimes employee might be bored of repitive jobs in that sense he needs an advancement in job for securing himself and get satisfied. In this type of case technology might be used and the employees have to be trained to handle the modern equipments. It's also a type of motivation aspect to improve the standard of the employee as well as the organization.

Why Motivation?

The process of motivation is considered to be an essential one to achieve the objective and creating a balance between the employees and employers wants, needs and objectives. This is a difficult job to be performed by the manager to understand the wants, needs and objectives of the employees, only then can he motivate them. The success of any organization is dependent on the performance of the employees. A highly motivated employee will better contribute for the success of the organization. The manager must have to develop a job design for identifying the skills and tasks. Based on that design, the manager will have to motivate in their respective fields. organizations in the present situation are keen in terms of attracting, motivating and retaining the high potential and competent HR with scarce skills. Taking care of employees interest is also important without which there will be a lack of motivation which will ultimately result in poor performance.

Following a Total Reward Strategy

The process of motivation stated as far is a complex phenomenon. Therefore it can be stated that standardization of designing and implementing employee motivation strategies will not always be helpful for the organization. The provision of monetary benefits is the basic aspect considered in motivating the employees. But the total reward strategy follows a need way of reward management by integrating both the organizational and individual wants, needs and objectives. So this type of mechanism shows that employees expect to create value for the reward mechanisms offered with the organization and therefore tries to maximize the motivation, commitment and job engagement among the employees. So a satisfied environment will be created among the employees.

Enriching Team building activity

Team based work is not just about team building, it actually deviates from the normal concept of team building and emphasizes on the need for building effectively successful organizations based on teams. Team building improves the productivity of the organization and it makes the scope for innovation. Team building remains one of the most vital functions for long-term success in business. The reasons are many, but as more and more employees leave the workforce for more personally fulfilling options. On the other hand organizations that are looking for talented employees may have an even more difficult time finding team oriented employees to fill vacancies. Some organizations also offer the ability to do some work at home with occasional visits to the office for employee meetings and internal issues. This type of activity mostly takes place in corporate sectors. As far as the manufacturing industry is concerned team building reduces work pressure and increases the productivity of the organization.

A good team builder will work to understand what makes work the most satisfying for their individual employees and seek to accommodate those requests to the best of their ability. Reward employees without turning over control to them.  Be flexible while holding to a strong work ethic you may be on the best track in achieving positive team building, improving job performance and increasing overall level of job satisfaction among the team members.

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Source: E-mail June 7, 2011


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