Plan Properly for Investment in Education


Dr. Arun Kumar Singhal
Greater Noida

One of the most important part of anyone life is investment in education. If we look back before 10 years there was few technical institutions only and education was not so much globalized.

We did not think much about where to go for better education because at that time options was limited and we did not take so much time to opt an educational plan for future need.

But in present scenario there are plenty of avenues open for investment in education from local area to global area. Options are so much sometimes person get puzzled in selecting that :

*  Which option is best?

*  Placement option

*  Pay package and growth

*  Global Recognition

*  How much to invest?

*  availability of Finance assistance

*  availability of Scholarships

*  Admission Procedure

*  English language test

*  Entrance Test

The above all point are important. All parent think but there are something more which is requiring an eagle eye while approaching and selecting to any institutions.

There are some suggestions mentioned below which may have an major impact of planning of investment in education:

*  Analyses of interest with which to grow in future with the help of management/ technical education.

*  Opt a suitable technical course to invest your valuable time and money.

*  Examine recognition of the course.

*  Examine University/ College/ Institute website to find out relevant information.

*  Examine faculty base and facility of study standard maintained and mode of delivering lectures and participation in the class room.

*  Examine practical exposure of students during the course.

*  Examine Institute-Industry Interface

*  Examine placement cell assistance for the benefit of students.

*  Most important point is plan within six months before the admission procedure to start.

*  Why it is important because there may be some institutions not having sufficient resources and seeking students for the purpose of collecting money.

*  They are running their institutions having a commercial transaction in their mind.

*  Once you select and deposit fees you will be felt misleading by opting these above Institutions.

*  So, parent are requested to plan within six months before the start of admission process and visit institution at the time when semester going on.

*  Parent may ask from the students already studying at that place for proper feedback of the Institutions. 

In the end, I am to state that a proper planning and feedback analysis will protect you from wrong selection. Always  opt  where academics are the primarily concern. Don't  select any shop to have a  certificate paper , Select  only those which can provide a platform  to develop skills to explore to future.   

Dr. Arun Kumar Singhal
Greater Noida

Source: E-mail June 30, 2011


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