Unfair Trade Practices and its effects on Consumer


Swagat Kumar Rath
Lecturer Marketing Management
Shri Dhondu Baliram Pawar College of Management
Nashik, Maharastra


Customers are the king and meaningful in marketing concept. Now a day's heavy integrated marketing Communications attract the customers by unfair promotion and communications because of high competition and easy sales leads.

Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer decision Relation

As Integrated marketing communication related to Consumers action and reaction making process in decision making process.

Unfair advertising quickly attract them to make decision.

The above figure shows how the unfair trade practices give them frustration after the purchase process. When the consumer searching for information's regarding to satisfied the needs. These communications attract the consumer to take immediately action because he is in a search for that Product or/Services. Against which the Promoter increase the sales and other hand the consumer is dissatisfied with the product and a bad experiences.

The bad experiences not only harm the consumer for the further decision making which he / She has to take with fear and negative  motivation, It creates a bad thing for the environments as well as to the same service or products providers.

Example (Losing Cholesterol)

From survey of National health and Nutrition Cholesterol is related to Diabetic and health problem. There are many competitors in drug and slimming machines.

Males consuming 2475 calories on average and female 1833 calories.

As health conscious needs here the point communication is strong to make decision and quickly. if they promote some unethical advertising or promotional campaign ,then they will get easy sales lead than competitors.

The slimming Tea advertising. It should be approved by the Medical as well as chemical compositions labs from the Government of that country& all the technical and scientific attributes of the Tea must be communicate with the audiences.

As the tea is related to physical fitness of the consumers, it will not harm the person after he/she consumed it.

Bad Effect on of unfair trade practices
  • Abusing of Market power, Production and marketing goods and services.
  • Limiting Technical development.
  • Harm the other Product quality.
  • Harm the environment.
  • Built a negative motivation and perception in their mind.
  • Misleading the consumers decision making Process.


The communication must have educating them, a good transparency about the product, provide them information to choose and heard.


Consumer Behavior Book by Mr.N.K.Sahani.

Swagat Kumar Rath
Lecturer Marketing Management
Shri Dhondu Baliram Pawar College of Management
Nashik, Maharastra

Source: E-mail September 7, 2011


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