Role of Awareness Cycle in Media Planning


Swagat Kumar Rath
Lecturer of Marketing Management
Shri Dhondu Baliram Pawar College of Management
Nashik, Maharastra


In Media planning process the main things take in to account of advertisers

* Effective Budget for the Media Plan.
* The Coverage of the Media Mix.
* The Frequency.
* The Target Audience.
* The Scheduling Process according to the time.

But the question is that the brand has enough fame for light advertising and low budget promotion because the coverage is good they aware about the brand and they are positioning in their mind. Is the brand promotion is enough to aware the target audience without the types of services or pattern of products they provide to the markets. The marketers before choose the media vehicles and category examine their audience ,geographical area to choose the right media for better coverage ,high frequency and a effective budget planning.

The Above Figure shows how marketers choose the decision about the media planning to attach with customer awareness cycle which is an unending Process. The cycle is unending means always searching for information regarding brands and different category. The Marketers will understand it before Media Planning.

The Above Matrix plan give a Research input to the advertiser, in which media we will give the advertisement which will cover maximum frequency and in primary stage create an effect on audience.

Elaborating the above awareness cycle

The High awareness of Brand and the category attached with the audiences awareness cycle and the Low awareness of Brand and Category away from the audiences awareness cycle.

* Output I-Providing information's that categorized ads must be provided through right media to create awareness.

* Output II-Providing the information's brand and the categories reached to awareness cycle.

* Output III-Providing information's brand should be advertised through right media to create awareness.

* Output IV-Providing information on lacking in awareness and create awareness through the below two points.

1. May be providing regular basis ads to attract and creates awareness through different media and creativity.

2. May be solid seasonal advertising to create awareness through single media.

Example- Like Institutional advertisements- its seasonal and they properly utilized the media mix and they know, what category they providing and what is their brand name to the target audiances.If the brand is aware by the audience, then they give more attraction what the new categories they are providing through proper media to cover the exact mass.


Media Mix-->  Right Media-->  Target Audiences-->  Awareness Cycle

This cycle provide the output Choose the right Media to enhancing the brand as well as the Category, Attract them in minimum scheduling ,Changing and Re planning the Media Mix, Point out the Subject Matter of Media Planning, Enhancing the Frequency and the Coverage


The Brand and Category Matrix of IMC System Belch and Belch.

Swagat Kumar Rath
Lecturer of Marketing Management
Shri Dhondu Baliram Pawar College of Management
Nashik, Maharastra

Source: E-mail September 15, 2011


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