The Role of Industrial Safety and its Impact on Psychology of
the Employees


Swagat Kumar Rath
Asst. Prof of Marketing Management
Shri Dhondu Baliram Pawar College of Management
Nashik, Maharastra


21st century is the growing sector of industries and technology. With the increase of technology the opportunity and employment increases in industrial sectors. The main challenge is not satisfaction with salary, Policies and bonus for the low level as well as the middle level employees but how to provide them a safe and friendly environment.

The Moral Back ground related to the industrial Safety:

The moral of the employee always related to the industrial safety, because they sense that what is right and what is wrong with them

"Means their attitude and willingness towards the company "

How and why they are loyal

From the above three points "Reduction accident" is the main part to increase the moral strength

The theoretical analysis of Industrial Safety

The environment of Industries divided in to three broad parts

1. Physical environment:

The location and layout, the building infra, lightning, Tempereature etc.

2. Social Environment:

The Terms ,Allowances,the Management policies

3. Psychological environment:

Motivation,Moral Improvement,Training,Working Culture.

The Industrial Safety Role must be:

(1) Provide workers with a safe work environment:

The safe working environment means provide them a loyal environment to work with cent percentage of efficiency and safeguard against the accident .

(2) Conduct routine/regular workplace inspections.

The personnel and administration should conduct a daily or weekly inspection against the hazardous particulars and prepare a report to reduce the problem

(3) Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Provide them anti-Flammable caps, Shoes, Masks and others instruments to protect     themselves

(4) Provide on-going safety training

Provide them training and motivational program for using materials, using the instruments and training of safety and precautions

The Programs of Industrial Safety

1.The Industrial Rules and regulation for safety

The rules and regulation of industrial safety like

  • No smoking inside the industries.
  • No Alcohol consumption in duty.
  • The duty of individual is shared and no unknown machinery operates by others.

The Operating equipments should be in right place and right condition.

For example: In industries the power section must be operate by the Power section engineer not by the Trainee engineer or Personnel office .He knows how much power consumed by the industries and he prepared the tolls ready to operate it smoothly and easily.

2.Industrial safety inspection and report

Al the report of Injuries and Accidents should immediately reported to the higher authority.In that report the basic things are

  • The cause of accident: What is the cause of accident
  • Name of the employee: Name of the Particular employee
  • Department: From which department and his/her designation
  • Timing :Time of accident(A,B,C/General Shifts)
  • Condition of the employee :Present Condition of the employee and department

This report provides a future precaution planning to the industrial safety Committee.

3.Training to the new Employees

This training is majorly divided in to two parts

The Location:

The new Employees must go through about the exact locations of the industry, the machineries and the operating equipments.

The layout:

Including the process and product layout of the industry, where are the equipemts, The Product making designs, The exact Temperature and all the details

Safety Committee and Safety Instrument Development:

The role of the safety committee is improved the industrial safety and inspection regularly for the different issues and night shifts employees in a production unit.

Improving the Instruments like

In a Steel plant

Some safety instruments are used

Coal Ground Hopper-Where the coal are uploaded the instruments are

Masks, Shoes, Helmet and proper light.

The crushing Section-

In crushing section they have to use proper lights, helmet and Shoes too

The Stock of materials-

Anti flammable shoes up to 200*c and hand Gloves etc.

And a regular inspection by the Plant safety inspector.


Now a day's industrial safety is a major part to improve the production and minimize the cost of operation and labor turnover .Zero accident means high moral and effective Production with loyalty.


  • ESP and Crushing Section Safety Mechanical engineering (Rungta Minses ).
  • The Personnel & HRM by P.Suba rao.
  • Frankenmuth insurance industrial safety Program

Swagat Kumar Rath
Asst. Prof of Marketing Management
Shri Dhondu Baliram Pawar College of Management
Nashik, Maharastra

Source: E-mail October 27, 2011


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