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Mr. Bharath T.S.
Asst. Professor
Department of MBA
SJB Institute of Technology

For your business to succeed, you need effective marketing campaigns. Without any means of advertising, your corporation will not have as many customers as you expect.

There are several ways to promote a company to the public. These include print, broadcast, celebrity, Internet, and mobile advertising. With the increasing prices of traditional media, companies are looking for ways to reach wider audiences without shelling out a fortune. One way of doing this is to use vehicle wrap advertising.

Wrap Advertising is nothing but advertising on vehicles is called Wrap Advertising. Wrap advertising is a new concept in recent trends of marketing. Wrap advertising is the marketing practice of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle in an advertisement or livery, thus turning it into a mobile billboard.

Vehicle Wraps are a fast growing trend in advertising today, and we are seeing this directly in many countries with a 15% increase in the use of cast (vehicle) films over the last two years.

Promoting a business through vehicle wrap is done by covering a car, bus, van, lorry, or train with marketing materials, whether partially or completely, making it a kind of mobile marketing. Although it can be done by simply painting the vehicle, printing the promotional campaigns in vinyl wraps or decals prove to be more convenient and more cost-efficient since it can be easily removed and replaced with another advertisement.

Similarly, ads can be customized to visually speak and promote what the business offers to targeted markets. Aside from that, since cars or Lorries travel long distances, adverts placed on them can reach hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, this type of mobile advertising is able to reach the entire socioeconomic spectrum of a country. Thus, it can boost customer awareness as well as strengthen branding.

This growth is due to the fact that vehicle wraps are more cost effective per 1000 impressions than any other form of advertising, and companies are realizing the benefits of a mobile billboard for improving brand recognition and driving leads.  The technology and advancements in the materials used also allow wraps to last longer and look better than ever before. 

So why do wraps work so well?

  • The average person driving today travels approximately 24,000km a year
  • More than 95% of all people are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers
  • Transit advertising boosts name recognition 15 times more than any other form of advertising

  • The material used is always an important aspect of a vehicle wrap, and films must be able to conform into and around the various channels and corrugations on different types of vehicles.  The film essentially becomes part of the vehicle itself, and takes that form enabling it to stay down in demanding applications.
  • There are a lot of companies that have developed solid graphic films and digitally printable wrap materials and laminates for these applications, and leading the charge is 3M and Arlon, both of whom have developed highly conformable cast films in both solid graphics and digital media, to enable it to become a part of the vehicle's skin.  You can also incorporate both types of films in a wrap design.
  • There are benefits to both solid graphics and digital prints.  Solid graphics will last much longer and maintain a more vibrant finish over time, but you cannot include many design elements that are possible with digitally printed graphics.
  • One thing all of these different materials have in common is the air-egress technology. This technology is in the adhesive and allows air pockets to escape without creasing the film, which also makes for a much smoother and faster installation.
  • You also have the ability to set and re-set the material which allows installers to get the information exactly where they want it before they set it in place, reducing mistakes.
  • New technology is also increasing the ease of removal.  What this means is when you are ready to have your wrap removed, as long as it is within the material requirements (3 to 5 years depending on material), it will come off with ease and leave little glue residue behind.  Each manufacture has different technology with regards to how well the material stretches and holds depending on vehicle difficulty.  With 3M, the film is removable for up to 5 years with heat, and solid graphics can last up to 7 years.
  • Vehicle graphics are a high impact, cost effective form of advertising that work for all types and sizes of businesses.  


* One advantage is that this form of advertisement reaches the customers or consumers easily which other methods or media often tend to miss and this will also enhance the exposure of other media.

* A vehicle wrap builds brand awareness.

* increases a company profile and reinforces brand identity at a much lower cost over three years than advertising in magazines or on billboards.

* Apart from this, this is a cost-effective way for companies or businesses to get noticed or be known by millions of impressions a year.

* Mobility is also one of the advantages of car wraps for companies and for the general public as well.

* This is because the advertisements are mobile and are free to roam around unlike billboards that only stay in one place. Since the vehicle can travel, it has the ability to reach a lot of people. Another advantage of car wraps is its visibility.

* Vehicle wraps are placed or wrapped in vehicles and since the vehicle is moving, there is a bigger chance for people to see the advertisement especially in traffic.

* If you compare it with billboards, people have the tendency to miss billboards especially when they are driving.


The world is changing. This change is more attributed to the way marketing activities, business practices and strategies are changing across the globe. Thus new Advertising techniques such as Wrap Advertising has to be implemented as investment for better tomorrow.



Mr. Bharath T.S.
Asst. Professor
Department of MBA
SJB Institute of Technology

Source: E-mail November 10, 2011


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