"Kolaveri Di" - A marketing strategy of Viral Marketing


Vijay Prakash Gupta
CMD, Modinagar

* Introduction:

Why this kolaveri kolaveri di song has become a mass hit among the masses in India. The success of the song can be widely attributed to the effective marketing strategy the creators had charted out. Apart from making the video viral on YouTube and other social networking sites, they have ensured enough publicity about their upcoming movie in which the song will feature

Kolaveri Di means Killer Rage. Figurative and not literal. This Kolaveri Di track is from the forthcoming movie 3 has become a trend setting song. The popular song Kolaveri Di from an upcoming Tamil film '3' as a classic example of Marketing Buzz or Viral Marketing.

Why this Kolaveri Di, which means 'Why this rage towards me. This song is a type of soup song (means "Soup song" means "rejection" song. "Soup boys" are boys who got rejected. Has your doubt been cleared?)

* Viral Marketing

Viral marketing, viral advertising, or marketing buzz are buzzwords referring to marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral processes, analogous to the spread of viruses or computer viruses. It can be delivered by word of mouth or enhanced by the network effects of the Internet.[1] Viral marketing may take the form of video clips, interactive Flash games, advergames, ebooks, brandable software, images, or text messages.

* Advantages of Viral Marketing

The best component is that you can take benefit of this marketing technique without expensive software or technological expertise. Here are seven methods that will start a viral storm of traffic to your site, if you use them properly.

1. Give away information to your customers and include back links to your site. You can post these books or special reports on eBook directories, give away sites and use JV partners to give to their list. Encourage people to pass the information along to their friends who have an interest in the topic. If your information is accurate and helpful you'll find many people be passing the book to friends.

2. You can use a Tell-A-Friend script on your site. Essentially you give your customer and visitors a way to easily share your website. Depending upon your market you may find that offering an incentive to tell a friend or two will encourage more traffic. Incentives can be free information that is delivered directly after the tell-a-friend script has been executed. Assure your readers that you do not collect email addresses when they enter their friend's address. They are not opting their friend into your ezine.

3. Do you get funny video clips from friends and family? This is viral marketing. Although the clip may not be selling anything the concept of passing from person to person is viral. Now, putting your imagination to work, can you create an idea around your niche that would be interesting? Something that would be passed from person to person? All you need is a digital camera. Videos without the professional 'feel' lend themselves to authenticity. You only have to look at the popularity of reality TV to realize how much people like 'peeking' in on the lives of others.

4. Are you trying to get your information out to your public quickly? You can generate an Internet Press Release to draw in your readers. This is a method that can have far reaching effects when done with creativity and panache. Bring your readers to your page and send them out with a video or ebook to share with their friends.

5. Undercover marketing, done well, can be fun and intriguing. You create a mystery surrounding your niche. There are questions, mystique, a potential for danger and people keep coming back for more. It becomes fun and interesting. Your readers keep coming back for more and sending their friends to figure out the mystery. Yanik Silver has been doing this for some time with his Underground Marketing Seminar. He doesn't release the name of several of the speakers, the attendees are undercover agents and the information is highly confidential. The whole event is cloaked in mystery.

6. Social network sites are here to stay. They often evolve around a particular topic. MySpace, the most popular network site, is a general forum where people discuss anything from monkeys to marriage. The information on these sites is searchable. You can easily develop a list of people interested in your topic or niche and release funny exciting information that they are encouraged to pass along to their friends.

7. Buzz marketing is creating a 'buzz' about a particular subject, video, website or writing. In 2001 Morgan Westerman discovered a poem in the public domain that he published to the Internet. It was a feel good poem that people started passing from friend to friend. Then the Twin Towers collapsed and people in the U.S. started searching for answers and encouragement. An Interview With God blossomed into a mega-hit. As he realized how much more traffic his site was receiving Mr. Westerman redesigned, added music and graphics. Later he sold screen savers, cards and inspirational books. This was a matter of pure chance. Mr. Westerman did not anticipate 9/11 but he was able to rethink his use of that public domain poem and has created an industry unique unto itself.

These were seven of the low technology techniques you can use to start a viral storm of traffic. They are easy to learn and to develop. Use them to your advantage!

* Promotional Strategies of Kolaveri Di:

"Song is officially released on 18 November. Then it spread like a fire through social networking sites. Within first week of release, it received 1.3 million views on YouTube, more than 1 million shares on face book .  This is the first Tamil song to be premiered on MTV India.  On 30th November, Song has crossed 10 crore hits on YouTube. International Time Magazine, Huffington Post and BBC has published report of this song."

What makes this song so popular? It happens to be because the song connects with the youth of the country. The song is about a guy who has been dumped by his girlfriend. The theme is interesting and so are the lyrics.The lyrics are written such that the words used are particularly irrational.moreover the words and the slang with which the song has been sung is too typical for the tamilians. Those who have had any encounter with any Tamil friends will understand this. The slang used by them in speaking English is too different from others. That is what make this song unique.

The song indeed has a good music too. It has been composed by a relative new comer anirudh.The song is sung by Tamil actor dhanush.The movie in which the song will feature in is called 3 and is produced by aishwarya. There is a common factor that connects these 3 persons and that is the legend rajnikanth himself. Anirudh happens to be his nephew, dhanush is his son-in-law and aishwarya is his daughter.


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Vijay Prakash Gupta
CMD, Modinagar

Source: E-mail December 9, 2011


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