Hurdles for Employees on BPO


Dr. S.Aravinth
Associate Professor
School of Management
Sri Krishna College of Technology
Kovaipudur, Coimbatore-641042

A great comment has been passed that Indian BPOs; are the US prisons. The Maladies are increasing and they are degenerating Indian youth.

The Negative Impact of BPOs: -

* Night Shifts

This is inevitable sometimes unavoidable to BPO employees. The reason is India 8 to 12 hours ahead of US and 4 to 6 hours ahead from UK. So the day hours (Business hours) of those countries, is the night in India. Of course, most of the BPO companies work for US and UK clients, which makes the work as unavoidable to work on night shifts.

* Unknown territory: -

Quite often BPO employees have to attend to customer complaints. They explain and describe about products, which they can't seen. The same they work for clients whom they have never seen. Sometimes the customers are harsh and send abuse E-mail. They can't keep down the phone even when they are abused.

* Poor HR management: -

Human issues are very less in BPO organizations. Lack in healthy relationship spoils the career. Executives often conflict with the team members in many issues.

* Sexual Harassment: -

It is very serious problem faced by women employees at work place. This is peculiar problem in BPO, because most of the employees are youngsters.

* Cyber crimes: -

There is an increase in cyber crimes by BPO employees such as credit card fraud and selling sensitive information of clients, hacking bank accounts. The information, lacks privacy and quite often it can be obtained without authorization and misused.

* Hijacking the students: -

Number of college students is taking the BPO jobs. They have been given the night shifts. Of course it's their choice only. But they are unable to attend the regular classes in the daytime. So they lose the attendance followed by debarred from the institution. According to a recent survey most of the student left over their studies and they were continuing the BPO jobs are the painful result of the survey.

* Hazard to Health: -

Night shifts will create drastic health hazard. Sleep is a gift of god. It will help to boost in the next day work. Bu the BPO employees are overcoming the sleep by taking drugs. They avoid sleep. It causes Ulcer, Migrating Headache, Digestive disorders.

* Low motivation: -

BPO employees are de-motivated both financially and non-financially with their jobs within a short period. They can be no longer be motivated by monetary benefits.

* Undesired cultural transformation: -

The nature of work for BPO employees is monotonous.  It makes them relax in the way the like. Drug addiction, alcoholism, live-in-relation are common practices. If BPO trend continues India will face many social problems and the youth will lack the value of life.

Remedies: -

* Creating an awareness about BPO and the nature of job to the society.
* BPO jobs should be redesigned to avoid monotony.
* Work has to be standardized.
* Voice based work and data entry work should be evenly distributed among the employees.
* Sufficient break should be given to the employees.
* Shifts should be restructured (especially night shifts.)
* Creation of BPO training centers in Educational Institutions.
* Women employees in BPO should more remedies adequate care and recognition.

Critical Fact: -

It is to be frankly denoted that the beneficiaries of BPO industries of our country are Americans and rest of the world more than India. It has enabled America to save the cost of its back office functions. This case should be realized and to be removed to save our energy towards our country.

Dr. S.Aravinth
Associate Professor
School of Management
Sri Krishna College of Technology
Kovaipudur, Coimbatore-641042

Source: E-mail February 4, 2012


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