An Innovation to Services Marketing
The Restaurant Chuk Chuk


Mr. Swagat Kumar Rath
Asst. Prof. Marketing Management
Shri D.B. Pawar College of Management


Indian Railways is the vast railways services provider in Asia it has more than Indian Railways has 114,500 kilometres, 30million passengers, and more than 1.36 million employees. Indian Railway itself is a big brand equity and brand image too.

Why Railway is called a Big Brand Image.

1. Market Segmentation in all over the India with North, South, East, West, Central Railways Division.

2. More than 415 living languages are used in India including tribal languages but the design, logo, colour is well known to each and every one.

I am taking this brand is only for its image and value. The design of Restaurant Chuk Chuk on the basis of India Railways Services and Brand.

According to the Services Marketing P's

1. Process

The Process means the exact Blue Print of Restaurant, The design of entry, exit, sitting, billing all are related to Indian railway system.

The Blue Print is like the Give Bellow for the restaurant Chuk Chuk

2. People

Selection of the People is based on the Skills ,Language,Approaches,Delivery method like in Indian Railway means each and every time they provide cent percentages of services to the customer like in Indian Railways services of Catering and the dressed code divided in to two parts the A/C section, Floor Managers ,Waiters and the Security wears the colour of Black like the ticket checker in Indian Railway &  other employees  dress colour is pink like IRCTC catering Dress Code to represent the brand of Indian railways to the customers inside.

3. Physical Evidences

The layout of the restaurant is like Railway Coaches, Sign and Symbol is as equal to Indian railways Sign symbol, Sitting Style is based on 2A, 3A, 1A a/c coaches, fan, lighting and flooring also like Indian railways inside the Chuk Chuk restaurant.


Mr. Swagat Kumar Rath
Asst. Prof. Marketing Management
Shri D.B. Pawar College of Management

Source: E-mail February 13, 2012


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