Touch Screen Revolution


Mr. Swagat Kumar Rath
Asst. Professor
Shri D.B. Pawar College of Management
Kalwan, Nashik


The busy world has less time to call and browse, the boom in social communication sites, browsing of internets, involves the youth in one screen and multi screen touch mobile phones, besides that the cause touch screen mobile phones is .less Price and user friendly light weight, flexible browsing charges, no trouble on location and Purpose of browsing.

Revolution in Mobile Market

The Main two Revolutions in mobile Market is

  • Revolution in touch screen market is Price war between companies like, Nokia, Samsung, Sony and LG, they not only changes the face of the touch screen mobile towards the customers but changes the price of smart phones to attract the customers.
  • The Second Revolution in touch screen mobile market is entry of the big companies who changes their faces from Computer to mobile market like Acer, Dell, Intex, I –Ball, which make a big competition in touch screen and tablet market .Because not only those companies are already the market leader but they have a good customer relation from a long time in computer market.

The Purpose of touch Screen Browsing

From the survey generally

Mobile Internet in India has existed since the prevalence of 2G services in India. However, the number of users has at best been fairly limited to few million, and by far to a select set of people. As per TRAI's report for the quarter ending December 2010, India has about 812 Mn Mobile Subscribers as on March 2011. As per IMRB International's latest estimates, the number of Claimed Mobile Internet users1 has risen to nearly 35 Mn, and the number of Active Mobile Internet users2 has also increased to 26.3 Mn by March 2011.

As per latest IMRB estimates, out of the 35 Million Claimed Mobile Internet users, 26.3 Million (i.e. 75%) are Active Mobile Internet Users. The Top 8 Metros and Small Metros collectively contribute about 76% (approx. 17.5 Million) of the Total Active Mobile Internet User base.

The Boom of Social communication sites in India most of the youth spending their times in Face book and Orkut going by media reports and surveys, Face book appears to be the most popular site in India, with the highest time spent by users. According to the ViziSense report. Most of the Youth Watching YouTube, Searching Movies and games touch screen mobiles are very user friendly and with good application to support the youth on social communication.

Again Most of the Metro cities the brokers and the investors watching their investment and details stock report on a easy and smart way by touch screen mobiles.

As you know according to privacy level mobile banking is little bit unsafe than E-banking systems no in touch screen wonder you directly assess your E-account and make a transaction.

The E-bay and Online Shopping is also so easy through touch screen it's a splendid things to know all the product details and information on one screen.

Watching Movies, Vedios and education related information's is crystal and clear in one screen and multi screen touch technology


The touch screen is a wonder to the mobile users in India supporting in communication entertainment and enhancing the knowledge with an integrated promise.



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Mr. Swagat Kumar Rath
Asst. Professor
Shri D.B. Pawar College of Management
Kalwan, Nashik

Source: E-mail June 18, 2012


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