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Prof.P.Deepa Ananda Priya
Department of Management Studies
Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology

Headhunting is recruiting the top management executives,who are highly skilled  and  resourceful and whose contribution to the organization leads to success or these employees are the competitive advantage of the organization.eg,those employees who are competitive advantage of some company is offered the fancy designations and high salary package and made to join their company this process is called headhunting. Headhunting can be done via ads, job portals referrals etc.there are three types these are direct, indirect and third party recruitment.

Headhunting is the most effective method of proactively recruiting top performers who might not willing for a sudden change. Head hunting can be done through following methods:

1.Through wide variety of Industry contacts if any.

2. Taking external referrals For Eg: Get the contact details of the reporting managers and the colleagues from the candidate who comes for interview.

3. The referral can be paid in case the prospective hires join the organization, by doing this the referral gives you more leads.

1. Recruitment through head hunting is faster than common recruitment ways. Since head hunting recruitment takes the initiative, locks the range of searching and establishes contact very rapidly, as well as make one-to-one exchange with the candidate in closed channel, it can reach the recruitment goal effectively.

2. Head hunting recruitment is more accurate than common recruitment ways. Since head hunting companies mainly hunt the talents at the same positions of the competitor companies of the client and the hunted talents usually conform to the requirements, the phenomenon of hunted personnel leaving the company in probation period is rare to see. Moreover, after the candidate go to work through successful recommendation, head hunters will provide a series of services to help the candidate adjust himself or herself to the posts of the new company and avoid the risk caused by the failure of recruitment.

3. The candidates recruited by head hunting companies are usually better than those through common recruitment, reducing the risk of recruitment enormously. That is because excellent talents are often drawn over with high salary and put in an important position by their former bosses, and seldom seen in the mobile talent market. Senior talents like the recommendation of head hunting companies or friends for job-hopping to obtain the buffer at salary negotiation. Even there are some outstanding talents among the mobile talents (in recruitment meeting, press, network and other media advertising), they job-hop frequently due to bad capacity of human relations, excessively high self assessment, self-centered character and poor cooperation with others. Regular head hunting companies, which are characterized as high efficiency, timeliness and correctness, have wide searching network, make repeated selection, record validation or HR research of talents to be recommended so as to avoid the failure of employing persons.

Headhunting Process


Confidentiality  It is a confidential process and no one needs to know you are recruiting apart from those you approach. It avoids confusions.

Targeted  Organizations targeting only the individuals that are either sources or potential candidates. It helps to do the process in a effective manner.

Cost effective  No advertising cost and no recruitment cost involved in this because of its internal process of recruitment.

Fast It is a time saving process. Unwanted interview processes are bypassed.


Even though it is a fast and cost effective method, efficient planning and research is needed for the headhunting recruitment process. They are as follows:


Research is the first step in headhunting recruitment, this includes name gathering and mapping the market. We can gather the information through trade bodies, competitor websites and conference / event attendees.  The internet together with business networks and social networks has made much more information easily available.

Approach (by email or phone)

We have to explain our needs and about our organization once if we complete our research and identify the right candidates. If the targets have been found through a job board database it is often possible to email them directly.  This first approach should be polite, direct and stress confidentiality. Or we can make the phone call to explain ourselves and our need.


Once researched and approached they can then join the selection process.  Just because they have been approached it doesn't mean they forgo the standard recruitment process you have in place.  It does however mean they are more likely to proceed successfully as you have already pre-selected them.


Headhunting is the recruitment process and it is the recent trend in the recruitment. It is professional approach to recruit, search, track, and selecting talented people already working in various companies. In the initial stage headhunting was used by large organizations from developed countries. But now it is using by smaller organizations also. It is a very crucial job; the organizations must be carefully handling this process for their betterment.


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Prof.P.Deepa Ananda Priya
Department of Management Studies
Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology

Source: E-mail July 27, 2012


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