An Article on Health is Wealth


Ms. Sneha Dave
MBA Dept

"Health is wealth"

It is rightly said that if the person is healthy mentally and physically he can win every battle. The life which every one lives today is so busy and full of tension, the outcome of this is 33% of the world population is obsessed and 33 % of them are under nutrition.  Everyone in today's world wants to look slim, beautiful, handsome and fit. The craze has gone so much that people go on trying weight losing pills, belts, starving which is in the long run injurious to health. Let's talk about some of the  products which gives great offers for weight loss and discuss the outcomes.

1. Slimming Tea
2. Sauna Belt
3. Weight reducing Pills
4. Message oil
5. Machines
6. Trade mills
7. Morning walker

Let's understand them one by one.

1. Slimming Tea :

The slimming tea is made by many companies from China. They claim that by drinking their slim tea, your weight will reduce naturally and do not increase. The price range is from Rs 900 to Rs. 2000. It is provided for sixty days. It is branded as Dr. Tea slimming or Easy slimming tea. This tea producer's make a claim that it is natural and losses weight.

2. Sauna Belt

Sauna belt is offered by sky shop, TVC, and many other companies. Sauna belt is wearied for 50 minutes and you can continue your work. Before wearing belt  you need to drink two glasses of Luke warm water and then wear that belt.  By sweating your weight go on reducing.

3. Weight reducing pills

The pills like Fat go , go slim and many other capsules are available in the market. The pills range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 5000 and no effect is working.

4. Message oil

Starting from seasame oil to avocado oil, lavanam oil are offered for message. Levanam oil manufacturers claim that it reduces fat if applied twice in a day.

5. Machines

The machines like vibraters, leg press machine, crunches, seated row, back extension, superman  are available where people stand for 10-15 minutes. The people who do not have time to go to gym purchases morning walker and uses for 15 minutes thrice in a day.

None of the above will work alone. We surveyed people and ask them questions regarding all of the above things. We ask some questions to slimming center people who challenges that weight will not gain.

Examples from People

1. A lady who was working as a lecturer was having weight of 83-85 kg in March 2009. She in order to look more beautiful in her marriage lost 20 kg in 6 months not by following any diet but just by having walk of 15-16 km in a day. When in 2011, she delivered a baby boy and due to post partum depression gone to 91 kg of weight. She tried sauna belt but it did not work out.

2. A male who was having  the age of 35  was slim and trim but due to lack of physical activity he gained the weight from 68 kg to 90 kg and again came at 86 kg due to little physical activity.

3. A lady having age of 35 was having weight of 90 kg, taken medicines and reduced to 60 kg in 3 months. But when you left medicines your weight goes more than you reduce.

4. A teen age girl in order to look slim gone for capsules and now facing problem of stomach because she is not able to eat more than 1 roti or chapatti.

5. A 45 years lady, in order to look slim gone for the operation and now she look more aged and her good health has gone.

The best tips for the weight management is

1. Go for walk of 50 -60 minutes every day.
2. If you do not like walk work on a jogger or trade mill for 30 minutes.
3.  Do the meditation from 1 minute to 30 minutes.
4. Drink 5-6 liters of water in a day to detoxify your body.
5. Laugh plenty.
6. Share time with friends and family.
7. Do not eat after 10 p.m.
8. Do not drink coffee or tea more than twice in a day.
9. Breakfast is must and do not skip meals.
10. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables in raw form.
11. Go for outings more and have parties at home.
12. Spend time with kids.

One of the best fitness trainer Rujuta Diwekar in  her book " DO NOT LOSE MIND LOSE WEIGHT'  also suggest that every two hours you eat some food. She in her book talk about different people of different jobs and different timings of eating. She is personal fitness trainer for KAREENA KAPOOR, ANIL AMBANI, KARISHMA KAPOOR, SAIF ALI KHAN AND MANY MORE. She suggests that you go for a walk or gym and do exercise. Eat frequently in fewer amounts.

She suggest rather than having morning tea or coffee better go for juice or fruits and do not skip meals or breakfast. It is advisable that you go to gym, go  for jogging, fast walk, yoga and meditation. It will help you in both ways mentally and physically. You will be less stressed and relaxed. You enjoy each work. You will  not suffer from diseases or having trouble in life. Make exercise as your daily mantra and I challenge you will never face health problems.


1. books
2. Diwekar, Rujuta (2009), Don't lose your mind, lose your weight, Random House India, ISBN 81-8400-066-9
3. Diwekar, Rujuta (2011), Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha, Westland, ISBN 93-8065-833-8

Ms. Sneha Dave
MBA Dept

Source: E-mail November 30, 2012


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