A Case Study on Some Inspiring Women in Gandhinagar City


Ms. Sneha Dave
Ms. Sejal Acharya
Sector-15, Gandhinagar
Mr. Girish Raval
Adani Power Limited


Gandhinagar a capital of Gujarat is having a large number of inspiring women who not only manages home but also manages life and social services. Lets today talk about those women who have created their own identity in the society.

1. Suchita Dave

Suchita Dave  is a person fifty three  year old lady who manages three  families. She is born on November 1,1957. She has taken the degree of B.A. (English). She has completed her schooling from St. Mary's School, Junagadh. During her school  days, she used to be the first position in running completion, high jump, long jump , 800 meters and 400 meters relay etc. She being a daughter manages family of her mother, her own family and family of deaf and dumb sister. She in the year of 1988, done the course of beauty parlor.  In the year of 1998, she has taken the dealership of Tupperware- a leading brand in terms of household products. In the year  of 1999, she has taken the distributorship of AVON India (P) limited. As being the beautician, she can easily relate cosmetics business with her parlor.

When started business in 1988, the parlor used to be the leading and good earning business, she continued it. She used to do also sticking of falls and interlocking to dupattas and saris. She used to handle the Tupperware business, as well as the business of AVON. The businesses  has make herself the outspoken person, created her identity and make her bold. In the year 2008, she has joined the "amway". The businesses made her grow and started making her use of technology.

Today, as being the business women, she has long term vision, good vocabulary, convincing power, helpful nature  had made her successful.

In terms of her social helpful nature, she recommended many people to join AVON and Tupperware and they earned good amount of money. She has recommended the neighbor with the low income to have sewing machine. She accepted the recommendation and started the stitching and interlocking the dupattas and saris. She has taken the vehicle and  the furniture for the home. She also provides the education to a girl whose parents are not afford to make her study. She has also inspired many people to go for higher education or joined the leading businesses. She is right now working as unit leader in AVON cosmetics and as a representative in Tupperware.

She as being a person who is quite experience suggest that a person out of the income or the profits save minimum 25-30% amount. She also agrees with the fact that the youth of today spends a lot of money rather than saving. If they carries the big dreams for them and their kids, they need to plan out. The safest place to invest one's money is post  office savings, PPF, and bank's short term deposits where you can never go into the losses. She even challenges that if one has the income of five to six lakhs per annum one can buy home within the time span of five years because each month the saving of Rs.25,000-30,000 will we done.  

2. Shilpa Desai

Shilpa Desai is a person who belongs to Surat before marriage. Born in the year of 1967, she has taken all the education in the streams of arts. She has completed B.A with English. She had lost her father in the very young age so being the eldest she used to manage the family.

She married to Vipul Desai, who used to be the wholesaler of TEA. She as being the lady who do not prefer to sleep in the afternoon, she has  started selling dress materials. Once in the newspaper, she has seen the advertisement of a lady who was having pleasant personality and given an advertisement for business.

Shilpa, as being the risk taker and having good vocabulary has gone to meet the lady and she has given them the idea of started selling the cosmetics. Shilpa Desai is having good contacts and convincing power has made more than 40 leaders, advance unit leaders and more than 100 representatives. She is the person who has  spread cosmetic business in many of the cities and towns of Gujarat.

Since 1997, she used to do the business. She has been awarded as the highest selling leader several times by the AVON. By giving an outstanding performance in the year 2011, she has been offered a free trip of Singapore in the month of February 2011.

She being the childless do lot of puja and prayers earlier. She likes the kids so much and she love to spend a lot of time with them. She use to have lot of faith in Dada Bhagwan and she used to go frequently at Tri Mandir- A temple near by Adalaj. She is having a lot of spiritual reading of Dada Bhagwan books.

She used to be a good project guide and help a lot to MBA students in writing their articles. She even at the age of 40 manages home as well as  manages more than fourty leaders and many representatives. She has captured more than 20% of the market of the Gujarat by making the representatives in each cities and turn them into leaders.

Regarding her nature, people use to appreciate her for constant support and true fighting spirit. The one of the downline marks that a person full of dedication, outspoken, constant source of support in professional as well as in personal life. She is having a good quality and very powerful convincing power which can put a long lasting impression on others. 

She also provides a lot of support to her husband and her sister who do the business of Tupperware, a world class  plastic products. She carries a sentence that " do your work, do not think about the reward to get from God or  anyone and never expect anything from others. Do your best and give your best output." She always guides the young generation that give your first five years of married life to the family, be a good human being, win the confidence of others and be happy. Always think from others point of view. She used to give the books  as a gift to everyone who  have the interest in reading. The books like "pati patni no divya vyahar, adjust everywhere, avoid clashes , karmanu vighyan, krodh etc are the books which makes the person normal and tension free.

She has a simple living high thinking. She says that all  small one who comes are my kids only. She lives with the fighting spirit which is salutable by all.

3. Shobhana P. Simpi

"Shobhanaben Malishwala"  is not an unknown name for the people who go for the body massaging of the infants and small kids as well as the  ladies after pregnancy  as well as old age ladies. Born on September 17,1961, in Pune with a good hands for massaging and relaxing is just 10th standards pass. She knows the good tips for child care as well as pain relieving. Not only in body massage, is she also holding a good hand in cooking. She is having the knowledge of Indian food and spices. She is carrying a pleasant personality and having a simple  and helpful nature.

She is in this profession since 25 years, asking the reason to provide the service  of massage she replied that there are two reasons which led her to join this profession. The first is the limited income of her husband and second reason is to pass the time. The husband being in the tailor profession always used to be. The kid when small busy with study and now with the job at Sabar Institute  of Management and technology.

She is doing the business of messaging in order to meet the regular expenses as well as for the future of his kid. She always tells the mother of the new born to take proper rest, good amount of food and no stress in order to keep baby and herself fit. She also tells that a lady's life is full of challenges. So she needs to have courage and energy to accept and overcome with the challenges. Regarding the fooding habits, she tells to eat lot of bitter things so that the child do not get seasonal effects and becomes healthy. She  charges Rs.60-80 per day basis and do the message for half and hour. As being Maharstian, she is expert in the message.

She tells that as being the mother, you need to

* Carry and give the food to the kids as many times he/she asks.
* Do not carry child as burden if it is a girl.
* Do not pressurize leady or give her bad words if she carry the girl child.
* Regarding foods, she prefers that a mother should make shira of flour of ragi and give to kid which is good.
* In order to make the bone stronger one should give the mix of chana (daliya ) powder with the mix of jiggery and ghee. By mixing all three and make a laddu, it should be given to the baby after six months.
* Use castor oil if the nose is jam.
* Rather than processed cerelac, mix all Dal's and roast them, blend it and give to kids.
* Regarding the people who shout in the matter of income, she says that if you cut down your expenses by going through saving schemes of shopping malls you can live full month enjoyably.
* She has purchased a home and car with the business serving as well as done  the marriage of a son with good planning and good celebration but also offered him a good package for outing. The person can live life happily and healthy way even in a small amount of money if he knows how to plan and use it.

4. Sonal Mehta

Sonal Mehta, a lady who has lost her eyes in very young age, enjoys the life with full of dedication. She is a professor  in polytechnic college, Ahmedabad. Sonal Mehta is a lady who have taken the life as a challenge.

When she was studying in standard eight, one day while studying she lost the eyesight of her eye. She had taken to world's best eye specialists in India as well as USA,UK, Cuba etc. Same way, no loopholes has been found in worshipping God and  begging the mannats for her. After checking that there is no hope for her eyesight to coming back, she has started learning the brail language- a language used for blind people to get education. After completing the SSC exams with good rank, she had taken 12th Arts and joined BA after completing 12th. After completion of BA she joined  M.A. and after that joined M.Phil. she also completed Ph.D with distinction and gold medal.

She is also having  the hobby of listening music as well as to look beautiful. She used to go to eat out,  go to listen movies, go for the picnic and  do all the work which a normal human being used to do on a regular basis.

She even being blind not only earns good amount of money but also got several awards for her paper publication and her contribution  for the blind people. She got married before two years. Even being blind, she used to cook  a variety of food. In her opinion being physically or mentally challenged is not a crime or sin. She  frequently used to go to blind school as well as to the colleges to guide the students. She always been the source for many of the girls whether they are disabled physically or not.

She is a very much fond of music carries highest number of collection of Sufi, Gazals, old songs,  classical and vocational music. She is the care taker for the family as well as spreader and receiver of love being the youngest in the family. The biggest thing which is there is she not only manages home, go to the college and manages the social transactions. Not only this, she also invests her money in such a way that neither she need to go for paying the taxes nor she bares the losses. She invests the money into post office saving schemes, bank fixed deposits, balanced mutual funds. In order to be the teacher of kids one should have

* good  presence of mind
* cool mind
* able to control the temper
* the attitude of let go
* carringness
* ability to give them lot of love
* ability to be the kid with them

She is the person  who also do the education program for normal kids. She always tells the young generation not to take stress nor get overburden. Do not expect so much from the kids that they are overburden. Do not make your kid full of fear  or over expected so that he becomes hopeless.

Ms. Sneha Dave
Ms. Sejal Acharya
Sector-15, Gandhinagar
Mr. Girish Raval
Adani Power Limited

Source: E-mail November 30, 2012


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