The ABCD of employability for management graduates


Syed Valiullah Bakhtiyari
Assoc. Prof.
MBA Dept.
Presidency School of Management

Many of us know the facts that every year thousands of students successfully  completes there course in management and business administration, but of them very few are employable and most of them end up doing some odd jobs for there bread and butter. This situation indicates that some thing is missing among students which is barring them from getting the job what their qualification deserve

This article is based on my experience of more than a decade and spread across three countries, India, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, throughout my life as faculty for management subjects I have noticed so many factors which hinders the growth of even an intelligent student irrespective of how colorful the consolidate sheet is , among those many factors I have zeroed down to four major factors without which the success of any management graduate is equal to imagining survival of aquatics without water, Irrespective of the sub-continent the students are more or less same in there  nature

The most important accept missing among the present generation of management students is Attitude [A], across the countries there is a dearth of attitude among students may be it is towards their betterment also, they lack seriousness even in those aspects which may engulf there life and success, it may be because of take it easy concept which is not good at every instance. For the readers of this article let me highlight the significance of attitude with this illustration.

If ABCD E -- is equal to 12345--- then the following calculations will open your eyes.



























1    2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10 11 12 13  14 15 16  17 18 19  20 21 22 23 24  25 26

LOVE = 12+15+22+5 = 54 ,  LUCK= 12+21+3+11 = 47

HARD WORK = 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11 =98,, MONEY = 13+15+14+5+25 =72

Now calculate the ATTITUDE, and find out which attribute will make you 100%.

Now let us focus on the significance of behavior [B] for management graduate, first of all the behavior is what you think and react towards others, it is that aspect which very close to humanity and religion, most of the graduates I have seen in my academic life does have behavior but not positive, by looking at there body language , way of talking, posture , hair cut and even the walking style are completely devoid of any sing of positive behavior, let me explain this with an example what I have been saying to my students all along, there was student who passed the MBA course with flying colors and by virtue of prior experience he was even good at communication, based on our parameter we have selected the guy for campus placement, but surprisingly he was not selected by any of the company for any job, we were very curious as to what happened with the guy who was  cynosure of all companies visited, due to this I enquired with HR of the company which took his interview then the fact came out, the most intelligent student has committed one single mistake it was " He was sitting before the panel with legs crossed and showing over confidence", here comes the behaviors even though you are having every required skill for job but if one don't have behavior then the destiny is expected to be no destiny.

The third most significant aspect required for any management graduate in order to become employable is Communication [C], I have seen in my academic life that even though  the students had only English as medium of instruction in all previous qualification but majority of them lack communication skills, here in this observational study I found that the students needs to improve the oral communication compared to written, at the time of your interview and during presentation you must show your excellent oral communications, apart from this aspect the accent plays very crucial role in your selection and in your job, it has been experienced that the students will mix the accent of there mother tongue or national language to the English communication which not only gives improper meanings but also becomes the matter of concern in companies,

The last but not the least is decision[D] making skills, I have met with so many students in every country who cannot take decision or time bound decision, in fact there are case where due to prolong analysis before decision some of them suffer with paralysis of intelligence, the students must have an ability to evaluate the alternatives and take the decision under the time frame. In this aspect my elderly advise for management graduates would be to consult their peer group beside consulting there higher ups, and never take blindly the same decision what others take, so the bottom-line is any student who is master in just four miraculous alphabets ABC and D can be employed any where and will be suitable for various positions.

Syed Valiullah Bakhtiyari
Assoc. Prof.
MBA Dept.
Presidency School of Management

Source: E-mail July 28, 2014


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