Cockroach Theory and Food Brands
Seeing a cockroach means that there must be many more hidden


Assistant Professor
Department of MBA-VTU
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

As the negative message spreads faster than good news in case of food brands we have many bad practices and manufacturing processes and production constraints coupled with marketing strategies and promotional activities.

According to Cockroach theory when a company has a bad news to the public there may be many more related negative events that have yet to be known.

Its common belief that seeing a cockroach means that there must be many more hidden.

We have seen in the past many food products in different names by many companies had tough time to defend for their quality issues and contents, ingredients, origin, etc. But due to the fact that all the food products are viable for contamination at any stage of production or during processing, packing distributing or storing.

But there are good quality standards and methods best practices good practices (GAP-Good Agricultural Practices) many corporate follow it with appropriate quality control parameters along with service standards.

Hence we cannot doubt all brands and the current issue about noodles is making public to doubt all other food brands like juices, pickles, chips, sweets, ice creams, etc In the past there was a similar report about chocolates and soft drinks.

So whatever the problems need to be addressed at least now and the consumers are more informative and can't be deceived by the commercials and celebrities or any discounts and offers any more due to the powerful news media and social media.

Consumers need to spend time to check the ingredients and the brand information in real during purchasing instead of before purchasing like checking online or after purchasing like experience discomfort uncomfortable while consuming the product.

The consumer awareness is also increasing as the business is expanding with new areas and new markets launching new products. This is how the entire information is circulated with the help of social media and especially urban consumers will check the reviews before they decide to purchase.


Assistant Professor
Department of MBA-VTU
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering

Source: E-mail June 17, 2015


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