Bridging the Gap in Education


G.Raghu, Nishanth B, Mohith J & Aditya K
Mr. G Raghu
BSc, MBA,(PhD)
Assistant Professor of Global Business
Department of BBA
PES University


The necessity of bridging gap between general schooling and university level studies is more.University is the place where a student can truly excel in his life. After undertaking bridge course program students developed their overall skills, the perspective and vision. The way they think and perform is also changed. This program was interactive which was a key factor to its success. Students got the insight of managerial world. The exposure which all the students posses motivates them to do more things. They were keen to participate in various conducted programs.

The main objective of this program was to bring students to management field. It was also intended to recognise and develop leadership qualities among students. The active participation and response of the students helped faculties to come up with more initiatives. Team work was also one of the most important lesson for the students.

Course program started with the activity "THE ICE BREAKER", where students were divided in different teams with whom they were supposed to work on forth coming activities. Students interacted with each other to find their other  team mates. Later in short time they were asked to present their work in the team. Many students took the initiative and this is were their journey to entrepreneurship started.

Next and very important session for students was of "know each other", it was done to develop the communication skills  amongst team, in this activity students were asked to come up with some unique names of their groups with title, tag line and logo. It was also expected that students should present it on stage, it was also intented on mediocre students to come up on stage and build confidence.

There are three different types of managerial skills, which include technical skills, human skills, and conceptual skills. Technical skills are the specific skill set used to perform a particular job, such as developing a budget, or analyzing sales trends. Manegerial games were one of those which were interactive and fun and learn oriented. Students were asked to develope thier team building skills and to recogonise each ones individual talent and capabilities to efficiently managing their team. Students came up with many distinctive ideas and performed in the given criteria.

There were several guest lectures during the programme which motivated students to get interest for the course opted. The guests included the alumni of the the college and several other guests from different reputed institues accross Bangalore. One of the lecturer inspired students to overcome FEAR(ie. False Evidence Appering Real) and see things in different way with two of his magical  words "SO WHAT".

Some of the sessions conducted during bridge program are as follows:-

Sl. No.

Name of the Event

Outcomes of the Event


Ice Breaker

It helped students in team building and intreacting with others.


Know Each Other

It helped the students to know their batch mates and learnt about team work.


Self & SWOT Analysis

It helped students to analyse their potential and where one stands.


Managerial Games

It helped students gaining managerial knowledge through games.


Guest Lectures

Students got motivated from various experts from different field.


Hard Selling

It helped the students to learn the following concepts practically  like :
A) CRM               B) Finance
C) Advertising      D) Event Management etc...


 Industrial Visit

It helped the students to learn the following concept like:
A) Pricing     B) Employee Engagement
C) Merchandising


Creativity session

Thinking different, Motivation.

There were 15 stalls in the Hard Selling event, which was managed by group leaders. All data was collected but due the the limitaions we cannot reveal all the information but we have included few samples.

S No.






Paperistic Jewels

Dumdaar Khana

Retro Gamez

Mobile Art

Product Profile

Creative paper earrings

Pineapple dessert,momos, chicken roll,andhra sweets,biryani

FIFA-2012,Morta l combat,Call of duty   

Mobile covers

Total Cost
(in Rupees)





Promotion Plan

Test marketing




Customer Response





 Total Profit





Learning experience

Consumer trends, financial management

Managing orders, Pricing

Wrong Estimation

Significance of Pricing

Outcomes of the event

Potential Entrepreneur

New product development

Business Plan

Managerial Skills


Hard sell was the most popular event in the bridge programme which was held on the last day of the programme. All students actively took part in the event and learnt different aspects involved in a business like financing, sales and marketing. All the staff and the students of the college participated as customers and made the event a memorable one for the freshers.

They came up with different stalls of food, games, accessories, etc. They learnt how to manage their stalls and come up with a affordable price for customers which could get them profit and increase their sales. Students in the marketing department promoted and advertised the produts all over the college with permission. All students worked efficiently in their deparments. All the staff supported and encouraged students to participate in all activities.

G.Raghu, Nishanth B, Mohith J & Aditya K
Mr. G Raghu
BSc, MBA,(PhD)
Assistant Professor of Global Business
Department of BBA
PES University

Source: E-mail August 1, 2015


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