The Patriotic Marketing Tactics Can Boost Brand Image
A Case of Bajaj Vikrant
Pride to Ride


Mr. Swagat Kumar Rath
Anubhuti School
Department of Commerce and Management


Marketing Strategy is always linked to three separate things, Market Segmentation, Market Target and Market positioning. Now the leaders of Indian Market change the marketing strategy only in the form of market positioning.

Now the era is informative era of marketing. You can find the Digital marketing everywhere. The farmers are using what's aap and face book, ITC chowpal is launching for farmers regarding digitalization. The Rural Moments is highly digitalized and they are more aware about the brands and the products than the busy urban people. So the concept of brand positioning is now changed.

The diversification of market or product is not necessary. It does not mean that all are successful brands and successful products in all market. Now in modern India, peoples are highly connected through internet. Information will be sharedwith the customer with social media in a minute.

So now it is in two parts, one is good that information is bring through social media in a minute but the point is that how to change the customers mind and position the product against the competitors.

Patriotic Marketing Strategy for Brand Positioning

Patriotic marketing involves the use of promotional strategies that convey a sense of national pride. When companies incorporate images and slogans designed to appeal to consumer patriotism into their marketing strategies, they are using patriotic marketing. This type of marketing can involve:

  • Giving products patriotic names
  • Designing packaging that features patriotic colors and images
  • Making special offers to military personnel and veterans
  • Emphasizing the use of domestic materials and manufacturing processes

Patriotic Themes in Marketing Strategies

Companies that choose to use patriotic messages in their marketing efforts understand that many consumers allow their sense of national pride influence their purchasing habits. People like to do business with companies that share their values and organizations that demonstrate patriotism in their marketing efforts are often appealing to individuals with a strong sense of national pride.

While using patriotic marketing strategies can be very effective, it's vital to maintain the proper tone to avoid sending inappropriate messages. Improperly mixing humor with patriotic messages, for example, is a marketing blunder that can easily backfire. If you're planning to utilize patriotic images in your marketing messages, make sure everything you do remains in good taste and conveys the proper measure of respect for your country.


1. Traditional Marketing Concept (POP and POD)

Here POP-Point of pairing and POD-Point of difference, have simply vanished from market, If I give an example of Pulsar and Karizam, You cannot compare both the bikes in traditional marketing way. The both the products are different and the customer has its own perception regarding the same. Then what to change shall we change or modify the product or diversify the market.

2. Change in concept of Brand Loyalty

When you ask about the brand loyalty, it's a tool where the customer and the organization both are benefited. The Customer is going to get the values against their money. But the New concept of the Loyalty Programs are also finished. The Greeting cards provided by the company on anniversary, birth days, providing monetary benefits against some products or a huge buy, it is also not working. The Positioning of New Product through the loyalty program is also changed. In short no Indian Customer is now loyal for a single brand. Due to heavy Price war between brands, customers are now multi brand oriented. If you ask them what is your view about Bajaj Pulsar and Hero Karizam, They will simply answer one thing i.e. both are good but pulsar is better in this and Karizam is better in that. The Point is they never say that Karizam is bad or pulsar is good. It seems that product having similar specification and price have lost its loyalty to one group of customer.

In a survey in New Delhi It was found that in OLX 2laks people were sold their bikes, whichhad not even completed one year. Now the single brand loyalty is finished from Indian market. The re-selling values are also degraded in Indian Market. So the Market Positioning of a New Product is really very difficult for the loyal customers as well.

3. Change in Family and Consumer Decision Making Process

The change in family decision making process. It is totally related to the consumption process of the family. The traditional family decisions are made by the gate-keepers always. That means the most experienced and old person in the family takes the purchase decision. So the positioning commercials which are made during 1980s-1990s were specially designed for the family gate-keepers. But now in modern informative era the children of the family are highly involved in purchase. Even they are taking most decisions in family consumption. The traditional process of commercial for attracting only the head of the family has been changed and positions are also changed.



To keep alive the memory of INS Vikrant, Bajaj Auto decided to revolutionize the commuter bike segment with the launch of its new bike, Bajaj V. Unlike any other bike available in the market, it is forged from invincible metal from India's war hero, INS Vikrant. The bike is a reminder of the warrior spirit of India's first aircraft carrier even after it was decommissioned.

The Bajaj is known for its emotional-rational appeal always. If you are going to start its first commercial which is designed by LEO-LINTAS-HUMARA BAJAJ, the concept is the same to attract the Indian customer with emotional-Rational Appeal. I put these both words Emotional and rational because, the advertisement made by Bajaj is always emotionally attractive.

The teaser video created a huge buzz. On January 26 there was a major roadblock on quite a few channels to launch a gist of what was in the pipeline. "The response has been amazing. We have been receiving messages and comments from every nook and corner.


Bajaj is changing the CAR-Client Agency Relationship for each and every product. Now it has decided to take the one of the best advertising agency Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett is one of the leading advertising agencies worldwide famous for making commercials. In India it's highly effective for making emotional commercials practices. This time Bajaj changed a strategy to give the campaign to Leo Burnett.

"INS Vikrant has always been a symbol of pride for all Indians. We therefore wanted an idea to communicate pride in a powerful way. With this idea, we are giving a chance to every Indian to own a little bit of pride. It is exciting to see how the idea is shaping the product design and strategic communication,"


The Bajaj V15 has to be the most patriotic product ever in the country and automotive industry. The company claims that they have used the metal from the INS Vikrant, which is India's best and iconic warship till date. The styling is somewhere between a motorcycle and a cruiser, which makes it look a Scrambler inspired motorcycle to an extent.


Bajaj used the movie Airlift to attract the customers. As you know it's one of the bet patriotic movie which released on 22nd January 2016.This is one of the best biographic hit movie in Indian cinema. So using this brand Bajaj promoted his bike. It attracts most of the young Indians.


Many companies choose to offer discounts and other special offers to active duty military personnel and veterans. This type of patriotic marketing is a sound strategy for many types of businesses. It can help increase business from military personnel, and also conveys the message to the general public that the company has a strong sense of patriotism and national pride.

The styling is the right balance of modern, very muscular and takes the shape and size from military vehicle of the current and past era. The tail lamp is very similar to the Hayabusa and Cruisers of the past. The fuel tank cap is very different and has the INS Vikrant logo that we have seen in the promos.


The Patriotic Marketing is a key to position the brand image inside the mind of the customer. It creates a brand equity for the brand. The Positioning of the brand thorough patriotism is very cheap and highly effective. The most of social issues raised by patriotism only. So Bajaj is trying, it's best to position the VIKRANT (The Invincible Bike) in customers mind. As you know marketing it defined a concept of changing, innovating and sustaining. So Patriotic Marketing provides a sustainable positioning strategy to boost the brand and make the customer loyal for the country.


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Mr. Swagat Kumar Rath
Anubhuti School
Department of Commerce and Management

Source: E-mail March 18, 2016


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