Plethora of Modern Management Practices in Trusted Corporate


Dr. Ranjan Upadhyaya
Professor - Marketing

The change in the upcoming market has lured the need of the modern management practices in the upcoming corporate. The upsurge in the modern management needed from many firms from two and three tier cities had affected the changing parameters of the modern education in the today's world. The nailing of the modern management education has made many management laureates to rethink the new techniques and upcoming challenges at a glance. The demand supply ratio has crippled due to uncertainty in the market trends, which may be due to various reason. The new trend in the modern management practices is the need of an hour for the professional corporate to grown and competes with the customer demand. The enforcing hallmark is the changing parameters with the quality intake with respect to the manpower and the resource needed to convert the convergence of the finished products. The healing touch could be through the new software and reducing adversity from the mind of the customers to intake the quality products. The blending of the modern management is not only the task of the institution or the school of the modern management thoughts, but also the congenial environment where the individual corporate had the freedom to practices their new marketing gimmicks or the time tested theories of the management. The cult of the innovation rest with the best strategies of the corporate which would like to add on the quality products and service to the niche customers.

The dogma of the modern management never end here, it brings more lights and tries to conceptualize the techniques to improve upon with respect to reducing the cost and minimizing the wastage. The proper planning and outmost demand for the product enables the corporate to scale their profit and market share even the global recession condition prevails. The best modern management practitioners had predicts that the downfall cycle or the turmoil are for the short duration and enlighten the companies to sow more new strategies with new blood in the organization, which literally brings tranquility in the work-place. The cut throat completion and cutting the cost added the fuel to fire for the need of modern management. The technology based and convergences in the adverse environment had brought more radical changes in the utilization of the modern management education. The transplanting the innovation based and time bound modern management practices in the corporate had brought sophistical changes to overcome shadow of the downfall of the profit in the corporate.

The rethinking of the revitalizes strategies of the modern management could bring the breath to the sick corporate for their survival. The ultra modern tools could be many, as it could be professed with the time tested measures for profit enriching and the gaining market share in the two and three tier cities.  There are no well defined strategies but the good part is that the brand are realm of the upper crest to survives with modern management practices, which literally benefiting the end users.

The changing political scenario of the modern management is also the hurdles in the modern management. The Political impunity strategies for the Trans - partnerships bringing more profits to the corporate among the neighboring countries across the globe. The toll of the modern management practices from the corporate are not sunrise, as it rest with the low profit and scaling down of the market share. The completion too diminishes, if the modern management practices are less to relinquish to overcome the burden of the sick units. The pace of the modern management practices need more fast growth to overcome the sluggishness in the markets, as the customer's size and blend had grown maximum in two and three tier cities.

The management laureate's narrations in the modern management practices are as follows:

* The paramount importance is the cult of the innovation strategies by the Peter Ducker.
* The cutting cost practices by the F. W. Taylor
* The human resource theories by the Luthans.
* The hierarchical need theory of the Maslow's.
* The entrepreneurial growth by J. B. Say
* The theory of the Hagen, with respect to the environmental domains.

The insole desire for the profit maximization from the corporate is adding the unfurnished and unethical management practices. The more beneficial technique will be to adhere to the basic human productivity ratio and the utilization of the resources in the best and cheapest ways. The trend of the upcoming corporate in the FMCG sector is showing the downfall due to unethical style of usage of the no modern management practices. Though they had served long to the customer, but still the lacuna are not miracles to safe guard their product line and profit margin. The good part is the corporate management team which looks into the matter of the best management practices and how to apply for the betterment of their end customer. The team sharing channel partners among the corporate could be the best practice in low cost and quality product need of the end users.

The inter-conflicts and induction of the new blood in the corporate cites revolutionaries the conceptual utilization of the Modern Management Practices in trusted corporate. The concept initializes from the big brand are giving some life saving measures to the corporate for short time period irrespective of the types of the products they offer in various variants. The changing senior are not, so positive as it look from outside the radical changes need more time bound measure to survive and sustain the sick units.

Dr. Ranjan Upadhyaya
Professor - Marketing

Source: E-mail April 6, 2016


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