Performance Appraisal of Positioning status of Danik Bhaskar


Dr. Vijay Pithadia
Assistant Professor & Kidevices Chair
School of Management Studies
Shri Lauva Patel Trust College For Women
Amreli-365601 GJ
Ashish Sharma
University Institute of Management
Jabalpur MP


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There is no such thing as a product or service which does not, has any spare with consumer. All the products, govern by perception of consumers. Perception consists of beliefs, needs, experience and environment. The day from which product enters in to market the consumers start taking the product in to the grip of perception.

Product offers value proposition to consumer. This is a cause why the target customer should purchase such product. It also has following things :-


are the way to offer value of the customers. Price is an instrumental in this regard positioning therefore, starts with our understanding of a prospect. Positioning starts taking place with mental spacing of consumer. A brand can hope at best to occupy such a positioning as a tenant, for periods that will vary according to quantity and quality of marketing efforts behind that brand.

Al Ries and Jack Trout have defined the positioning as such : "Positioning starts with a product. A piece of merchandise, a service, a company, an institution or even a person ....". But positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what do you to mind of prospect. That is, you position the product in the mind of prospect.

This has putted the emphasis on the image of product will be routed in the minds of consumers, directly or indirectly. Positioning has been defined by Aaker also "Product positioning is so central and critical that it should be considered at the level of a mission statement .... It comes to represent the essence of business." Positioning works in three strategic alternatives.

1. To Strengthen its own current position.
2. To grab an unoccupied position
3. Deposition or reposition in the consumer's mind.

Positioning possess following components -
1. Class of Products
2. Target Customers of product
3. Factors, responsible for creating perception.
4. Perceived benefits, values and attitudes which normally focus to customer mind.

Keeping this background of positioning, we have selected a Newspaper Brand which can also work with the concept of positioning. We have selected "Dainik Bhasker" a Hindi Daily to examine various facets of its brand positioning. We have tried to present our own researched case study on "Dainik Bhasker".

Objectives :-

The study contains following objectives.

1. To examine the extent of application for positioning of News paper brand.
2. Comparative Analysis to the different perceptions in the different category of customers
3. To analyze the different component of positioning wrt any popular Newspaper Brand.
4. TO concentrate on the local contributing factors for determining the positioning of newspaper for mass.
5. To Analyze the communication system of the positioning strategy.

Research Methodology

W.R.T. nature of study, it was crucial to decide 'Research design well in advance.

The descriptive research design was considered to appropriate for this. The survey method with the help of structured questionnaire was instrumental for this purpose.

The target respondents have selected on the basis of different strata. The appropriate representativeness has been decided for different sample strata. The positioning concept has been explained to respondents in their own languages. The general basis of segmentation ie. demographic, psychographic and behavioural factors have been broadly followed. Focus group research technique has been followed at various levels.

To measure the response the point wise scaling system consist of 0-10, has been accepted.

Observations at a glance

The positioning factor has to study directly among the customers. We have surveyed the customers directly with the set of factors, which may directly or indirectly affect the mind set of customers

The study will cover three important aspects

1. Perception of customers.
2. Attitude of customers
3. Motivation of customers

These three tools play very important role in deciding the positioning of products / services.

We have selected following parameters for study purpose.

(1) Quality of news contents.
(2) Reliability factor.
(3) Language.
(4) Uniqueness.
(5) Innovation.
(6) Local Converge.
(7) Sales Promotion.
(8) Advertisement media.
(9) Competitiers.

These factor are is useful for deciding the positioning of Dainik Bharsker 

Discussion And Interpretation.

Quality of News Factor

Age Group

Quality Score











Reliability of Quality factor

Age Group

Mean score











Language :- It has following Data

Contents Language










News paper has very strong attribute as an Innovative approach. The readers and customers have presented their responses infollowing manner

Innovation Status


Acceptation as an Innovation







Local Factor

Strong As a  70%
Strong As a  50%
Cosmopolitan 30%

These three factor were independent in nature.

Newspaper's brand positioning get affects with these attributes. These factors have different gravity levels.

Following points have came into an observation.

1. Age play important role for deciding perception about brand.
2. Reliability is also very important factor. Customers perceive newspapers as reliable source.
3. Language also plays determining role for positioning factor. Language with required understanding of mass, is strong contributing factor for Danik Bhaskar.
4. Every class of customer likes and accepts innovation as crucial factor. Nobody likes repeated and same contents of story always. Danik Bhaskar has been regarded as an innovative newspaper.
5. The role of advertisers also create brand image for newspaper Daink Bhaskar has been highly scorer as a value provider to their products/ services and it's intensive reach over customers.


1. New-paper also works with positioning factor.
2. It is difficult for any newspaper brand to remain as a strong player without strong positioning strategy.
3. Positioning strategy should be reviewed at a regular interval of time. Newspaper can be useful product for various experimental marketing programmes.
4. Newspaper as an advertising media is useful for other product`s positioning factor so it must has clear positioning in the mind of customers.
5. Target customer reactions can be evaluated with the focus group technique. Young customers have changing desire with a shortest possible time.
6. Newspaper can adopt following types of positioning.

(a) User positioning is useful for certain category of customers like students, It can cover carrier problems and useful Information.
b. Benefit positioning-Benefit for getting awareness on local news and local market position. Language of mass plays important role.
(c) Quality positioning-quality and reliability of customers in every aspect of news content.

References :

1. Brand Positioning Strategies for competitive Advantage by S.Sengupta. 1990,Tata McGraw- Hill Publication. New Delhi,1997 11reprint.
2. Marketing Management. 11th Edition by Philip Kotler, Person Education, India-2003,New Delhi.
3. Positioning : The battle for your mind by RiesAl and Jack Trout warner books ,1982-New york.
4. Managing Brand Equity , David A. Aaker , Newyork-A Free PressPublication, 1991.

Dr. Vijay Pithadia
Assistant Professor & Kidevices Chair
School of Management Studies
Shri Lauva Patel Trust College For Women
Amreli-365601 GJ
Ashish Sharma
University Institute of Management
Jabalpur MP

Source: E-mail August 22, 2005


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