VRS and Women Employees


Prof. Dileep Kumar M.
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Radha Working as Assistant Manager and Malini Working as Stenographers in Camoflag Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd., a Public Ltd Company in Maharashtra. The organization has decided to announce VRS to curb the financial outlay incurred in the past decades. The news about VRS spread rapidly all over the organization. Since, Malini and Radha work in the same department; they get an opportunity to discuss their own opinion and attitude towards VRS and employment

Radha: Have you heard about implementing VRS in our company?

Malilni: Yes, I Have.

Radha: Do you have any decision to opt?

Malini: No I don't have.

Radha: Why?

Malini: I need my job to support my family and myself. 

Radha: What I heard is that the compensation package is good enough to opt for VRS. But there is high uncertainty about VRS.

Malini: Yes it is true.

Radha: I asked you this why because you have long distance travel to come over here to do your work everyday. Your salary is not that in commensurate with your work and effort. If you would have work in a private firm you would have get better salary.

Malini. In your case, it may be true.  But to me it may not that extent what we see outside. Many qualified hands existing outside to get employment. More over they are ready to work under low salary. The management will opt only those individuals who opt low compensation packages for their work. A state, where there is huge educated unemployed youth, it is difficult to find a job to survive. I feel, it will be a good decision that not to opt VRS at this juncture. It's true that I have to travel a long distance to do my work. No matter, I will continue the same. After all, my job is permanent. I don't want to remain as an educated unemployed by opting VRS.

Radha:  See after downsizing and disinvestments policy we don't know where we would be and what will be our position. There are chances of distant transfers, delayed promotions, reduction in compensation packages, down gradation etc. All along we have been suffering the bully attitude of senior members. Here we are almost working as salves. Every day there is tension and anxiety to interact with these bossy people. Their attitude becomes more bullying after the introduction of VRS and disinvestments policies. Better we should utilize this opportunity and leave the job.

Malini: Yes, the attitude of senior members may be bullying. But to live, we should get an income, for that we have to continue the job, some how.  You know that still I am living in a rented house. The construction of house is in the midway. I have to repay several loans that taken so far for my house. We are struggling to meet the two ends of the month. See whatever it may happen; I am not going to loose my job and opt for VRS. Whatever the challenge it may, I will face it.

Radha: Your decision considering your family affairs may be correct. But if you transferred to any of the sister concerns in the distant place, what would you do? How can you support your family members? Then in such case, your husband has to look after your family and the situation is much more complicated.

Malini: Ha…, its true, there may be chances of down gradation or transfers.  But my husband is much more cooperative. As you know he is very simple and highly supportive to me to continue this job. We realized that without money it is impossible to maintain lower middle class family. If some transfer will come he will support me.

Radha: Any way I will opt VRS. I am fed up with this organization. I don't know how I have spent 22 years in this organization. It's a great opportunity to escape from this organization. It's a great relief from the 'bossy egos' and 'formal relations'. I feel that majority managers in this organization know only to order their subordinates than try to do some thing independently. They want to hide their incompetence some how.

Malini: Any way you have better pay and better economic status. Your job may not make any difference in the economic stability of your family. But I cannot agree with your justification that simply because of bossy attitude of management, you opt for VRS.

Radha: Yes, it is true. Just like you I am also traveling long distance to continue this job. After all this job is only for namesake. I took this job not because of my own interest, but because of my parents. As in your case I don't have to depend on my job to maintain my family. My husband has a good job in ICICI bank and earning well. The purpose of the maintenance of this job is simply to get social status. Remember, we cannot tell others that here we are living just like a slave. I prefer to stop this affair some where. As the job doesn't have any value for me and for the management, what for I continue in this organization. Where there is pleasure in work and contribution, there I should be. So long, as a mother and grand mother, I couldn't perform my responsibilities towards my children and grand children. By opting VRS at least I can serve them in the remaining years and derive satisfaction out of it. Here no one needs my service.

Malini: That's what I told you my own preferences and your preferences are different. Go on with your decision as it has importance in your life.


1. What are the anxieties that associated with VRS among employees?
2. How the decision making closely related to the needs and wants?
3. How the employees perceive the leadership of the organization?
4. Do you believe that work is primary to employees? Comment.
5. How external environment affect the decision making of women employees?
6. Which 'theory of motivation' related to this case study?
7. How need theory related to this case study?
8. How the work value related to decision making?
9. What type of organizational culture the organization have now?
10. What is the style of management?

Prof. Dileep Kumar M.
Sinhgad Business School
Sinhgad Technical and Educational Society
Kusgaon, Lonavla-410 401
dilmail@rediffmail.com / dileep@scmld.org

Source: E-mail September 24, 2005


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