Top of the Mind Awareness [TOMA] – The New Tool for Promotion


Pathik B. Variya
Shree Leuva Patel Trust MBA Mahila College


Competition and globalization are good friends. Whichever country accepts the globalization will generally have a competitive market. Healthy competition is always good for the customers. It also keeps the companies alert and encourages them to go for better Research and Development.

But with the competition becoming more and more intensive, marketing the products is becoming equally tough. People have to come up with newer marketing techniques like AMBUSH MARKETING AND TOMA.

*** What is TOMA?***

Top-of-mind awareness"1 is a term originally coined by Ellis Verdi, the once president of the National Retail Advertisers Council (NRAC) and owner of a prestigious marketing and advertising agency in New York. TOMA or Top of The Mind Awareness is the method of positioning the product. Under this method, it is believed that if you create the highest level of awareness for your product, the customers will always look to purchase it and would become loyal. Like for example, if you talk about salt in India, then Tata Salt has been identified as as one of the Superbrands from 700 short-listed consumer brands for the year 2004. It had the Top of The Mind brand recall of 41%. Tata Salt was also ranked India's most trusted brand in a survey conducted by The Economic Times, India's largest-selling financial newspaper, in 2003. Tata Salt outranked established multinational brands such as Coke and Pepsi. The Indian Defence Ministry's canteen stores department buys Tata Salt in bulk for use by the armed forces.

*** How to achieve TOMA?***

1. Use the reminder advertisement:2   Reminder advertisements can help one achieve the TOMA easily. When you use the reminder advertisement, the people are more likely to buy your products from a retail store as they are often reminded of your product. You can use TV and billboards to remind the customers often and achieve TOMA for your product.

2. You need to determine the following details too:3

  • Who is your customer?
  • What magazines, trade journals, newspapers, newsletters, etc., do they read?
  • What associations do they belong to?
  • What are their needs as they relate to your offerings?

3. Continuously communicate with your customers:4

According to Sales and Marketing Management, the average U.S. sale in 1993 took 12 impressions to close. That's 12 incidents of calling, mailing, visiting or being seen in advertisements by prospects before they're ready to do business with you. The good news--90% of your competitors give up after the fourth contact. So, keeping in close touch with the customers will definitely help you to achieve TOMA. You may have to try harder for that and results may not be immediate, but as this research shows, you should continue with your efforts.

*** The importance of TOMA***5

It does two things:

1) It psychologically impacts people so that the mere mention and knowledge of one's company, product, or service inherently creates a need for them, and

2) it places one at the top of a specific market's consciousness so that one is instantly chosen when people want what that person or firm has to offer.

***Agency that works for it*** can help you achieve TOMA…! Their TOMA program has done wonders for many companies. [For details, please visit their website]


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Part 2: Websites


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Pathik B. Variya
Shree Leuva Patel Trust MBA Mahila College

Source: E-mail October 24, 2005


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