Spirituality: A New Mantra For The Success Of HR Policy


Dr. Ajayraj M. Vyas
Sr. Faculty in Commerce & Management
Anand Institute of Business Studies
Opp. Town Hall, Near Grid, Anand-388 001 (Gujarat)


The human is considered to be the vital ingredient for the success of every business organization. He remains always on his toes to meet any unforeseeable risks in order to protect the organization. Presently, he enjoys the prime importance as he is the only player left with the corporates to have the winning stroke in this global cut throat competitive era. But then, in this process of winning the game and to be at the top he has to pay a very high price. Busy business schedules and round the clock winning approach turns him workaholic which in longer run might make him mentally and physically disable to perform his role, which in turn would result in to unproductive performance. This will increase the level of mental stress and negative interpersonal transactions, whereby, this intellectual asset will no longer be effective for the business players. The need is there at this crossroads to have revitalization of this live resource so as to regain the Power and Will. Practicing the concepts of  Spirituality is observed to be the one good move in this direction. It is considered to be the life saving drug for the People suffering from the workaholic diseases, as it has that magic.

The writer, through this paper has made an attempt to unfold the magical Power of this Ancient and Sacred Wisdom of the Nature.

What is Spirituality?

According to the Oxford Dictionary the word Spirituality means "State of being concerned with spiritual matters."While in the word of N.S.Raghvan of Infosys Technologies Ltd. "Spirituality is something that gives a certain purpose and meaning to our existence."

Peter Pruzan, Department of Management, Copenhagen Business School feels that "Spirituality focuses on basic, deep rooted human values and a relationship with a universal source, power or dignity."

Thus this shows that the word Spirituality is open to many interpretations. Some are relating it with God, while some consider it as a state of mental peace and happiness. There are people who believe that spirituality is one best way to detach oneself from the physical world.

What ever may be the conclusion regarding the Spirituality, but one thing is crystal clear that it is a process to develop the sense of morality and ethics within yourself which is helpful to the human being, to be stable and correct  at the time of negative interpersonal transactions.

Spirituality and Religion

Often it has been observed that Spirituality is mixed with the term Religion. But in actual condition there is a difference. Religion is basically the path leading towards the single essence of human life: Spirituality. Every religion has its own understanding regarding the nature of creation and Creator. This diversity provides people with different avenues for realizing the one unified spiritual base which we share. According to Sri Sri Ravishankar Maharaj "a banana peel represents religion and the fruit inside is the spirituality."

Why to talk of Spirituality?

It would be better to quote at this movement the feelings of Napoleon Bonaparte, according to him there are only two powers in the world the Spirit and the Sword. In the long run the Sword will always be defected by the Spirit.

People who have developed the spiritual side of their life tend to have a stronger sense of purpose and perspective. They are lighthearted and have a quality of buoyancy and gratitude. They are fully alive, and they create a contagious atmosphere of charge radiating this aliveness to others.

The studies have proved that by implanting the concepts of Spirituality at the workplace the tremendous success has been observed. The Spirituality in the workplace is nothing but the process of acknowledging that people come to work with more than their bodies and minds; they bring individual talents and unique spirits.

Today the Spirituality at workplace has been emerged as the new trend which is very well noticed by the wide variety of publications. It is the talk of the town as it remains the central issue for the discussion during the Conferences and Seminars.

Spirituality is also considered to be important because of the following points:

(1) Corporate Downsizing and Retrenchment.
(2) Nuclear Families.
(3) Luxurious Lifestyles.
(4) Organizational Structures.
(5) Decline of Traditional Sources of Spiritual Support Systems.
(6) Materialistic Business Approach.
(7) Role Conflicts.
(8) Personnel Management and HRD.
(9) Balancing the Business and Family Life.
(10) Better Productivity and Effective Management.

Besides this, the concept of Spirituality is equally important because of, the problem of survival in this hyper competitive world where the growth of the education, Social upliftment, New Economic Policy of the government and the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are now the common features. Businesses now have to be more vigilant due to the awareness on the part of customers, investors and society. Corporate people are no longer happy with professional success or material gains.

Business is essentially the human based activity centre hence; all the human related problems will be observed here. This will create relational problems among the people which can be best dealt by the concepts of Spirituality.

It has been found out that by practicing the Spirituality at workplace the workers are feeling better. According to V.S.Vasan, Head of Manufacturing, Marico Industries "The practice of Transcendental Meditation has enhanced our ability to handle pressure and stress. This shows that how important Spirituality is.

Moreover in order to meet the upcoming new challenges and threats, the Spirituality will be helpful to the business practitioners. The challenges like attracting and retaining the competent workforce, Ethical behavior and Social responsibility, Consumerism, Globalisation, etc. are very well met through the implementation of the various Spiritual based methodologies.

There are four major goals of life : Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha. Dharma is creating sense of ethics in life. Artha is the tool to satisfy the desires of the life. Kama is the journey which the individual does in the life and Moksha is the Spiritual fulfillment of the life. Balance is necessary among these goals so as to enjoy successful business and personal life. Spirituality is the ultimate way to achieve that success.

Some people believe that Spirituality is fad. But then what is wrong in that? Spirituality, being fad also provide better solutions to the business and personnel problems then such a fad is considered to be good and useful. This is why, the interest towards Spirituality is observed to be growing even though it is considered to be fad. See the Spirituality is fad or not is totally a relative phenomenon and thus it should not be the point of discussion. Let us see that what benefits we derive by practicing the Spirituality at workplace.

Tools of Spirituality

Spirituality is being practiced at the workplace through various tools and techniques. These methods are different in nature but all leads to the single essence of life, i.e. to awaken your inner self so as to justify your way of work and to make yourself mentally and morally more fit. The major methods of Spirituality or the popular tools which are in practice nowadays are:

(1)  Vipassana : Silent form of Meditation
(2)  Transcendental Meditation
(3)  Pranayama
(4)  Sudarshan Kriya
(5)  Prayer at workplace
(6)  Yoga for fitness
(7)  The practice of Raja Yoga.
(8)  Siddha Samadhi Yoga (SSY)
(9)  Art of Living by Ravishankarji
(10) Sadhana
(11) Reiki : the healing treatment
(12) Holy Pravarchanas

Though these are the ways to be Spiritual but even though one can be Spiritual without practicing any of these methods. Spirituality, simply speaking, is nothing but what ever you do it for the mental and physical relaxation. It is just a way to spare some time from your busy and hasty business schedules to be with you. You can go on a walk or you can go on a weekends, you may listen to the music or you can just feel relax by closing your eyes and starching your body during your routine schedule. This will really help you to overcome your working problems.

Is Spirituality really being practiced?

The answer is simply yes. The Spirituality has that power to obtain the desired results and to minimize the human related problems; hence it is gaining top priority nowadays in the eyes of professionals as well as academicians. It will not be wrong to state that Spiritual Methodologies has been considered as the last hope by the business and professions, so as to tackle all sorts of problems. In this era of 21st Century global cut throat competition the survival is only possible for those companies and businesses which are Spiritual besides professional. Thus today, Spirituality is the integral part of every business activity. Today the buzz words like TQM, MBO, and JIT etc. are being replaced by the word like Ahm Brahmasmi and Tat Tvam Asi. For the young managers Bhagvad Gita, Mahabharata, Panchatantra and Vedas are the new Encyclopedia for the management.

Spirituality has always been in existence in the corporate world. The conference paper presented at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Andhra Pradesh, by William Miller of Global Dharma Center throws light on the growing interest in the spirituality in the business.

More than 120 companies in India have their tie-up with the Maharshi Mahesh Yogi's Meditation Courses so as to revitalize their workforce. A study done at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) showed that regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and Pranayama increases the flow of positive emotions.

At Himachal Futuristic Communication Ltd. The managers and staff attend lectures on Indian Philosophy every fortnight. The Mount Abu based Brahmakumaries teaches regularly the Value of listening, tolerance, adaptability and decision making through the practice of Raja Yoga to the corporate Personals. Companies like Godrej, Vardhman, IOC, Lupin Labs.etc. are using the principles of Social Responsibility and good Corporate Governance. While Tata and Birlas are considered to be highly conscious towards social and environmental problems. The companies like Wipro and Infosys are practicing the ethical standards. These and many more, the list is endless, but one thing is confirm that Spirituality in one way or the other is accepted by the corporate world.

It has also been experienced that Spirituality is the hot favorite topic within the class rooms nowadays. Academic institutes are adopting the Spirituality as the course of study for the higher education in order to provide the society Spiritual Managers.

Management Centre of IIM Calcutta, S.P.Jain Institute of Management and Research at Mumbai, Symbiosis of Pune are some such examples. Besides this certain Spiritual organizations are also coming up to provide guidance and training in the field of management education. Prominent personalities like Deepak Chopra, Anil Bhatnagar, Professor S.K.Chakravarty, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Ravishankarji Maharaj, Suresh Pandit, and Swami Someswarananda etc. are on their toes to spread the wisdom of Indian ethos to the Indian community for the development of Spiritual Business world.

This proves that Spirituality is really being taken care by the professionals and the scholars in order to have stress less business and human life.


Indian Spirituality is waiting in the corporate corridors ready to serve the business community. The need is for self awareness towards it. Spirituality, now is something more than that of, simple meditation and yoga. It is the art of reliving stress and mental hazards.To conclude, the writer would like to quote the feelings of Professor S.K.Chakraborty, IIM, Culcutta. According to him "Industry is boldly mining the depths of Indian Wisdom, the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, looking for a framework springing from Indian roots and thought. It is the time we rediscover our own ethos and cultural context if we are to give meaningful and relevant management skills to the youth of the nation."

Dr. Ajayraj M. Vyas
Sr. Faculty in Commerce & Management
Anand Institute of Business Studies
Opp. Town Hall, Near Grid, Anand-388 001 (Gujarat)

Source: E-mail January 24, 2006


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