S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College

Personality is which says something extra-ordinary about an individual. It has it's own role to play in the society. People are quite often not clear in defining this in proper sense. It is basically based on certain traits which have its own importance. These traits are tasted regularly in practical life but rarely people are aware of this. It is like a wheel with spokes in all directions. It is seen that when particular spoke reaches to the ground along its axis, it is tasted at that moment. This is the tasting time for that particular spoke. If it passes that test it allows the wheel to move freely without any obstacles.

The components of Personality are; 

- Sincerity
- Honesty
- Dedication
- Loyality
- Hardwork

Sincerity: Sincerity does create a last-longing effect as this is tasted everywhere. People are given the task and they are tasted under certain parameters. Sincere person always take initiative of their own and does try to achieve the task to the desired level. Sincerity comes from within and does help an individual to reach at the optimal level.

Honesty: Honesty is the best policy and does plays vital role in changing the face of the society. It has its own importance In real life situation and speaks from the inner part of the heart. It does not allows an individual to use shortcuts under any Circumstances. Practice of this aspect can change the life Style and outlook to the desired levels. People using this aspect have become hero from zero and are on records in the history. The practice of this really gives the mental satisfaction to an individual and a chance to live without fear in the Society.

Dedication:Dedication is something related to assigned task under Which he or she has to perform the activity to the utmost level. The caring or paying attention to any work also display this Aspect. It gives the perfection in final return to an individual. It can really change the face and the scenario of an organization.

Hardwork: : Hardwork plays dividend on long run.It never Goes waste and is appreciated around the globe. It can be Observed and can be felt while performing the job.The Practice of this aspect can be helpful in achieving . whate she desi ve he Or re.

Loyality: Loyality is required to whom who believe in long term association. It really pays dividends on long run, Loyal People does not damages the organization and acts as an asset. This is applicable in all walks of life and plays an important Role. Loyality is tasted everywhere and awarded accordingly. Loyality has a penetrating effect and on long run as it increases The morale of an individual .


The impact of personality is always there as the presence of the same can be observed in leaders. This helps an individual to dominant despite of cut-throat competition in today's era. Personality is like A essence which speaks for itself. People having personality looks In-different from others in outlook, taste, working and in creativity. They displays and delivers extra-ordinary which have a penetrating and last -longing effect. Personality can't be developed in a day or say. It requires practice with a mirror to see you grooming in personal traits.

S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College

Source: E-mail April 26, 2006


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