Polish Your Skills


S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College


Remember, even the finest leather of your shoes need polishing as to have a look and say about its quality. This really implies to us as we are the best creatures on this earth but still we require polishing regularly to stand well in the society in the era of competitive world. Up-date in knowledge and personality to lead the world to the desired levels. Skills can be developed and displayed, wherever it is required. It is something related to self grooming. All you need is the positive attitude and killing instint to progress in all walks of life. See the day and treat the Earth as laboratory for doing innovations for the coming generation. Better start is the half done and changes the Scenario. Do better for the best of the society.


- Desire to develop
- Positive attitude
- Killing instinct

DESIRE TO DEVELOP: It is your desire to perform as develop the things. It may vary from person to person and is dynamic in nature. The initiative should be inherent and should come from the inner part of the heart. It is something related to your brain which works on certain commands. Their should be a direction from brain to the body for further action.

POSSITIVE ATTITUDE: This aspect is the basic requirement for an individual as without this even the best capabilities cannot perform unto the expectations and levels. The practice of this can change the scenario. It does some sort of moral boosting in developing the skills. It really creates a last -longing effects.

KILLING INSTINCT: It is something to say about an individual to fight unto the last moment. One should make this thing into practice not to give up to the last moment. This automatically helps an individual to develop the skills.


- Treat yourselves as a raw material
- Do go for value additions
- Pen down your positive and negative points
- Convert the negative into positive points


Learning is a continuing process and can harvest a bumper crop. It has no end and does create an impact that sounds sensation. One should be open Minded in acquiring and grasping the knowledge Part as to lead the show. Learning makes a Complete man and does change the face of outlook. It has a penetrating effect and carves a prosperous future for an individual. It really builds the personality to the desired level.


Your brain should act like a lab where you could do experiments as to get the positive results. It requires proper feeding and processing as to get maximum output. The more and more you put in input devices, the more and more you gets an output. The better utility of brain leads to all sorts of innovation.


The skills so developed after your research should go to the masses as to have a say all-around. This motivates and activates the people to change the face of the society on long run. It is like a relay race which teaches us to pass on to the followers to finish the race.

S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College

Source: E-mail April 26, 2006


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