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Srikant Kapoor
Faculty (Management)
Institute of Management Education
Sahibabad, Ghaziabad
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Management a dynamic concept has to deal with this changing scenario of the equally dynamic world. There are umpteen theories about its fundamentals.

One ingredient of, however which is ever necessary & which also forms the very core of management is the human element.

Theories about this factor equally abound not because it is newly found but simply because the modern management gurus have been realizing its ever increasing importance in the wide spectrum of mgt. activities (varied degree of emphasis from time to time).

Management, today all about Passion, that quintessential essence of human nature which makes management practitioners think, implement & review to gain everlasting growth for the common good of self and society. Simply, put it is employing fully the unique talents with which we are blessed using that gusto which is central to the quality of human life.

To mention a few specifics of the corporate strategy this must dovetail well with the inspirational leadership to sustain the passion to excel, there is the information power, the accelerating pace of change in technology & the globalization of markets.

Ultimately winning is all about creative & inspirational leadership, lateral thinking and innovation which are nourished through passion.

If in your task, you have passion for managerial success. A few steps are:-

1. Identifying the strengths of the work force to get them opportunities to do what they do best.

2. Getting the right people with-knowledge, skills, attitude, emotional & spiritual quotient in the right job. The marriage of KSA (knowledge, skills & attitude) +KRA (Key Result Areas) = QUALITY WORK =Enriching QWL (Quality of work life).

3. Hiring sharp & sensitive managers to the internal organizational & external environment. The managers are personally passionate about assisting other members to discover their talents.

4. Create an environment (orgz.climate) which influences the work force to be passionate about their roles in the organizational context.

5. Enabling the human resource to self introspection know & understand their unique abilities, strengths and use it more often.

6. Outrageously reward employees whose passions drive their talents to world class  performance.

World class organizations already do it. They use sound selection instruments to discover, "Does this person have a passion for excellence?" "What are his/her talents, strengths and passions and how can we leverage them?"

If one knows (for sure) the answer to what one wants to achieve, if one is persistent in making these goals come true & lastly, if one refuses the  conventional wisdom( ignoring the ifs & buts- I m possible); success is usually found.

One must have the passion to run when the sun of life rises. As the African tale goes every morning in Africa, a deer wakes up he knows he must run faster than the fastest of lions, lest he should be killed. The same morning a lion wakes up. The lion knows he must outrun the slowest deer, lest he should starve to death. It does not matter whether you are a lion or a deer when the sun rises, you better be running passionately.

Is corporate world in the new Millennium, any different?

Srikant Kapoor
Faculty (Management)
Institute of Management Education
E-mail : /

Source : E-mail August 2003




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