Quality Always Matters


S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College


Quality always plays vital role in up-bringing and for changing the face of the society. It does not requires short cuts under any circumstances. It pays dividend which has more of a say then the monetary benefits on long run.

People are often confused about this in one way or other as they relate this aspect with that of production and products. It is the basic requirement in today's era. It gives a last-longing essence in the society and does something extra-ordinary for us. It has its own role to play in this world full of competition and the law of survival of the fittest plays the major role. It really matters to those have a sense of its taste. It does wonders and creates a last-longing effect on long run.


Quality should be practiced in all walks of life as to build a strong surrounding all around. It can be streamlined through marketing tools and techniques . It requires the skills of an individual for better display.

This should be inserted in the punch line in all the promotional activities as to have a say in the era of competitive world. It is a tangible aspect and plays vital role all around the globe. The authentic practice of quality can change the Scenario. The initiative should come from all walks of the society as to create a sensation. The practice of this should be done on war footing as it can change the face of the society. It should be carried forward like a relay race which teaches us the lesion of how to co-ordinate while carrying the message of common objective of winning the race. It should follow the chain cycle for the maximum coverage and penetration. The teaching and implementation should start from inner side of the heart and should go to the masses for maximum coverage.

Quality does not require short cuts under any circumstances and speaks for itself. It requires the practice of positive approach and a desire to do something indifferent from others.

Quality requires the right plate-form to deliver the things to the desired level.


It is rightly said the practice makes a complete man. It is true and has the practical implication in real life. The more you use the better input the best you find. In the form of output. Treat the world like a lab and oneself like a raw material. Practice the concept of quality circle all-around on war footing and see how you shape yourself. All your six senses should deliver to the maximum extent as to speak a final world about the quality. The proper implementation of quality can bring happiness in real life. Faith and hope moves all around in the society and allows the people of all walks of society to contribute to the best of their abilities. It gives a boost to your rhythm and confidence.

This on final run acts as reference for the coming generation to follow and improve it further as to gain momentum.

Quality is the requirement of today for the betterment of tomorrow. It is a pragmatic force which has a strong Saying and does create a difference on long run.

S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College

Source: E-mail May 25, 2006


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