Faculty Training Programme at INC
Unity in Diversity


Richa Shukla
Research Associate
ICFAI National College

Having completed the FTP at INC, I or rather we would like to share our views and impressions about the programme. Now you might wonder why 'I' wrote 'we'. Well that is infact the essence of the FTP at INC, wherein it just takes a journey of few days to get transformed from I to we.

The word training compels individuals to develop their own absurd caricatures about these types of programmes. Not to blame them. It is in human nature. Human beings tend to hate things wherein they are tied to norms and regulations. And individuals who willingly and whole heartedly succumb themselves to these regularities and conditionality are the ones who reap the fruits of success. This we can say with so much confidence because of our individual experience at the training programmme.

To define the FTP at INC in a single word, it could be simply stated as "UNIFICATION". However with respect to the programme, this single word is in itself an embodiment of a variety and a series of things. It is not only the unification of culture, knowledge, thoughts, ideas but also the unification of our inner attributes with oneself which otherwise would have remained quiescent and dormant within us.

Each batch of the programme consists of individuals from different regions with different years of experience and from different domain areas. It is indeed a difficult task to bring the experienced and the non experienced under the same roof and to bring in such a great degree of uniformity. However, being a part of the training batch we witnessed this uniformity from the very first day. All the trainees were subject to rules under equal footing irrespective of the number of years of experience. Such a modus operandi is essential from the point of view of enhancing and ensuring healthy competition wherein the fresher do no feel neglected or underestimated. Infact such a uniform approach helps in boosting their morale and confidence. Such a heterogeneous mix of class made the learning process more interesting and effective.

The programme is composed of an array of activities such as daily presentations, paper presentation, live project, group discussion, quiz and exams.

The first sight of the calendar of events along with the deadlines for the submission of these assignments was not very comfortable for any one of us. But as one of the saying goes

"If you think you can, you can".

And so we thought of doing it and we did it.

The daily presentation was considered as a tool or a benchmark for testing the improvement in our performance on a day to day basis. The strategy, undoubtedly worked out well. It gave an impetus to each one of us to perform one step ahead relative to the previous day. The live project and paper presentation were perfect activities that involved learning by doing. Infact these activities rendered in each one of us more creativity and innovative methods of thinking. Comprehending the textual content and applying them in the real world made learning much faster and effective. Through these live projects we could easily imbibe the knowledge of practically applying the textual concepts.

Apart from these, the programme also included skit, group discussion and quiz. These activities did really serve the purpose well, the purpose being to explore out from each one of us our talents and inner attributes.

Every individual is a pool of talent and innovative ideas it is only when a pebble is thrown into a pool, that ripples are created. In the same way these talents and innovative ideas are explored and spread out when there exists a push from some external source. This FTP programme served the purpose of external source and brought forth the hidden qualities of the faculty members. Infact after the completion of the programme did many of us realize that how good we are at our general awareness, or at acting or even debating.

Last but not the least, and the most memorable of all were the common sessions. These sessions were directed towards explaining the science of teaching, techniques of classroom management and other attitudinal skills pertaining to personality development and positive thinking.

These sessions have left an everlasting impact on all of us. They have taught us the true essence of living and the importance of positive thinking in life. We also learnt the power of communication skills and listening skills and how important is focus to achieve anything in life.

In today's competitive era, learning and mastering these skills is very essential. Individuals with positive attitude definitely have an edge over others in every sphere of life since slowly and steadily they develop within them the will and determination to face any challenging situation with a cool temperament.

The one month training programme at INC was infact a kind of enlightenment for each one of us. It was an enlightenment of the true essence of pedagogy. We got to understand that the science of teaching did not merely involve understanding and explaining the textual concept but much more than that. It is a two way learning process where teaching and learning will be carried on a sustained basis if and only if there exists a continuous exchange of thoughts and ideas between the teacher and the student.

It is very rare to find such programmes where you can reinvent yourself, and your past learning's. The programme can be said to be complete in the sense that its focus was not exclusively directed on the academic front but on the overall personality and attitudinal development of the individual.

Richa Shukla
Research Associate
ICFAI National College

Source: E-mail July 1, 2006


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