How to become an Effective Executive
Through Better Management of Time


Dr. Ratish Kakkad
Faculty Member
R.K. College of Business Management
Kasturbadham, Rajkot

According to Srimad Bhagwat Geeta " Time is one of the excellent forms of the Almighty God." Lord Krishna says to Arjuna that I am Prahalad amongst Demons, Time amongst calculators (Mathematicians), Lion amongst animals and Garuda amongst birds.

(Ch.10 sloka 30)

As time is computed in terms of seconds, minutes, hours, days, week, fortnight and month, the form of God (Time) runs through these calculations.

It simply means those who make optimum use of time in performing their normal duties excellently, they serve the God. Conversely, who idle away time, they make the God angry. His anger is reflected through stress, strain, sickness, poverty, poor performance, strained inter-personal relations at workplace and disturbed life at home.

To perform normal duties is 'pooja' of the God through which a person can attain super goal. This has been confirmed in the following sloka of Srimad Bhagwad

Geeta: -

Man can achieve supreme goal (mission) by offering pooja to the God through performing his normal duties who is the creator of all living beings and who is Omnipresent in this Universe.  

(ch.18 sloka 46)

A duty enjoined upon by scriptures free from ego/pride of the performer and done by a person with no attachment to the result/ fruits of the duty, and is done without Panch Vikaras (Kama, Krodha, Dvesh, Abhimaan, Irshya, etc.) is a 'Satvika Karma' which is considered 'pooja' of the God.

(Geeta ch.18 sloka 23)

Lord Krishna has further cautioned that normal duty cannot be categorized as- low and high. No karma is free from defect like fire cannot be without smoke. A satvik karta is one who is free from egoistic speech, full of patience and enthusiasm and detached from the fruits of karma.

(Geeta ch.18 sloka 26)

He has warned that you should not be a 'Rajasi Karta' who is attached to fruits of the work, greedy, jealous, causes harm to others and involved in happiness and sorrow. You should also avoid being a 'Tasmsik Karta' who is unplanned/ untactful, ignorant, egoist, cunning, destroyer of other's livelihood, sorrowful, idle and procrastinator.

(Geeta ch.18 sloka 27-28)

Thus, Indian philosophy treats 'Time as God'. Offer 'pooja' to Him by performing your normal duties as 'Sattvik Karta'. You will attain your 'mission' and live a life of fulfillment and contentment. Care for time is care for God and it is the cornerstone of the edifice of the palace of  'Executive Excellence'.

Dr. Ratish Kakkad
Faculty Member
R.K. College of Business Management
Kasturbadham, Rajkot

Source: E-mail August 2, 2006


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