Productivity for Better Harvesting


S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College
Sagar (M.P.)

Productivity: The word productivity sounds well in today's era of competitive world. It was said earlier that "Survival of the fittest is the law of jungle" This is sounding more meaning-full today as there is cut throat competition all around and is a must for every individual to pull up the socks. Productivity in real sense is that essence which is applicable and implacable in the real life situations. It can change the scenario and is helpful in all walks of life. The corporate sector is using all their tools and technique for the better implementation of productivity.



- Selection of job/work
- Job assignment
- guidelines / parameter to perform
- scaling of targets
- provisions / facilities
- productivity scales
- achievement assessment


- Productivity Analysis
- Productivity Research

Selection of Job/work: This is the basic exercise which is very carefully done in the initial stages as to carry forward the objectives of an organization. It should be well defined and be clear and transparent in all aspect for the smooth functioning.

Job Assignment: Once we do the basic exercise of defining the job/work it becomes necessary for us to assign the job responsibilities to a person most suitable for the same and meets all the requirements of an organization. The person who is given the assignment should have the abilities to understand the job to the maximum extent as to perform the job to the optimal level. This requires self-assessment in a broader and deeper sense as to make it more effective and meaningful.

Guidelines/parameter to perform: After giving the job assignment they should be given the guidelines under certain parameters as to see that they perform to the best of abilities. This will help them to work on goals.

Scaling of Targets: Scaling of targets to the performer can put every and anybody to achieve for the desired objectives. Life is in complete without having targets in the front. It is like a spent bullet. Target should be such that it becomes a challenge for an individual. It should be fixed after studying the practical aspects and then seeing in all dimensions as to make it achievable.

Provisions/facilities: The person given the target should be given the provision and facilities for a quick disposal and smooth functioning. He or she should not feel that something is missing which is acting as a hinderance in performing or achieving the targets. This requires broader outlook and a positive thinking.

Productivity Scales: Productivity scales acts as tool, which tells something about the output at the end. This shows the real picture and elaborates the efforts and caliber in true sense and is vital for the people sitting at top level to review the things and work out the action plan to give it a better and meaningful shape. It speaks for itself and does not requires any sort of short cuts in true sense.

Achievement Assessment: The productivity scale signifies more on achievents then anything else. This requires assessment as to judge as how and what conditions the targets are met and has really met the requiremts as to run the show as to make it feasible and justified.

Productivity Analysis: After all we should analyze the productivity using the scales of measurement as to plan for future growth. This is the need of the present scenario and can change the face of the organization to large extent the practice of productivity can harvest bumper crops and can enhance the economy to large extent. Is should be treated like a tool in all walks of life as to make the world a decent place to live.

PRODUCTIVITY RESEARCH: It is a research because the approach of any individual to work is not static. It is dynamic and is different from one person to the other and similarly it differs from one place to the other. The proper research can help the organizations as to plan better and implement the productive tools as play a leading role.

S.M. Hussain
Center Head
ICFAI National College
Sagar (M.P.)

Source: E-mail September 13, 2006


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