The Passion to Excel is the key to Excellence


Rana Singh
Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research (DSPSR)

The passion to excel and reach the top is the key to excellence. The employees at various level of organizational hierarchy must have the fire in their belly to excel in every sphere of operation. The organizations have normally two categories of people in various teams. The two categories are hardworking and hardly working. The people who work hard have two perspectives to look at the people who hardly work.

The first perspective is pessimistic in nature which allows and leaves the hard working member depressed and frustrated due to the fact that he keeps on thinking that he is the one who works hard and the other colleague who hardly works but still enjoys the same financial and non-financial benefits. The second perspective is optimistic in nature which allows the hardworking employee to think positively and understand that he or she is also doing the work of the other colleague who is hardly working. These leads to increase in his efficiency and effectiveness and multi - skilling as well.

The key to achieve excellence lies in the fact that every employee in the team must have the passion to excel. To ensure this passion to excel, the process must start from the top and must be well communicated by the corporate communications team. The participative management style with greater degree of involvement of employees at different levels and consistent interaction with and feedback plays an important role.

How to imbibe the passion to excel in the members of the team who are relatively less serious towards giving their best is a critical question. The best way is to share with them the success stories of the best performers in the industry in the same country and at the international level. Then it is also important to share with the members of the team the modus operandi, how the company became the industry leader and grabbed the maximum market share? What were the special actions, strategies of the winning team?

The strategies which make one team or organization successful may necessarily lead to success of any other team or organization but it does give the blueprint of success. The most pleasing way of imbibing the passion to excel which I have experienced with my team members is to have shared the performance of the past teams who have fared extraordinarily well and set new global benchmarks.

The onus is on the team leader to share with the team the plans, strategies, action plan with sufficient checks and balances with consistent monitoring and feedback to the team. The praise and positive reinforcement with positive comments can make a big difference.

I categorize the employees in two categories. The first category which aspires to join world class organization. And the second category which aspires to create a world class organization. The establishment of entrepreneurship cell, incubation centers, start up avenues, R & D centers in various technical institutions is a quantum leap towards having more number of members who aspire to create a world class organization with a winning team.

The passion to excel must be coupled with the right plans and strategy powered with the technological knowledge and support. The team must be rightly equipped with the knowledge of technology and the conceptual clarity to apply technology to generate business and revenue and structure new business models.

The vision of value maximization of the firm can be fructified only if people at various levels of organization have the passion to excel in their relative spheres of operation. The passion to excel must have the right blend of intellectual capital, infrastructure support and technology support.

The values attached must also be nurtured to ensure one has the passion to excel and reach the top only through the legitimate means and not by any unfair means.

The training and management development programmes should be structured and aligned in such a way that the people are told about the importance of mutual existence. The training must be with real life examples, case studies, role plays, etc.

The best ranking companies across the globe have one major commonality. They have rewarded the most committed, sincere, and loyal employees in leaps and bounds and had a clear focus on retaining the talent with zeal, enthusiasm and  the passion to excel. Such members, if positively rewarded in terms of salary and fringe benefits create value to the organization by structuring one business model after the other.

The headhunters these days are consistently scouting for the best performing people from different good performing companies who have the passion to excel. The organization must evolve and structure a mechanism so as to ensure that talents with exceptional qualities, skills, competencies and potentialities are given their due share of commensurate emoluments failing which they spend their valuable time in scouting for a new job and challenging environment which could otherwise have gone into value creation or structuring new business models.

Thus, the process of retaining the people with the passion to excel is more challenging than the process of nurturing them. To become a globally competitive organization, in the fast changing digitalized global markets, its pertinent on part of the employees to be a part of the environment where they can add value to their passion and potential to excel and the organizations must be very consciously focusing on the key resource persons who can structure business models and value creation worth millions and billions.

The research findings have proved that organizations which have not been able to structure variable rewards for the achievements of employees have not grown at the jet speed. The history in the corporate world is full of examples wherein an individual created value worth millions and billions in a new set up whereas he existed unappreciated in the last system.

The fastest growing companies of the world have been very focused in terms of rewarding the employees with the passion to excel and reach the top. This is one good reason why many best IT and Management consulting companies of the world and their HR Managers enter into tough competition to be the first to recruit people from the premier campuses. They are consistently looking for people who had the passion to excel and outperform everyone else in academics and extra-curricular activities. They have an underlying hunch feeling and assumption that the people who had the passion to outperform, excel and beat others in competition in class will have similar tempo and spirit while they are operating in the corporate world, which may not necessarily be true at all times.

To conclude, it may be appropriate to say that people with strong entrepreneurial zeal in an organization must be duly nurtured, cared and rewarded in all forms to create value, new business models, and the spirit and passion to excel in employees at various levels of organization must be optimally rewarded whole heartedly to create value beyond expectations.

Rana Singh
Delhi School of Professional Studies and Research (DSPSR)

Source: E-mail September 15, 2006


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