Foundations of Trust: Key to Interpersonal Relationships


Prof. Mrs. Sunita M. Bhole
MITCON Institute of Management
Balewadi, Pune-411045

It has been a long time since we have been discussing the Fayol's Principles of Authority and Responsibility, Delegation of the same etc. But how many organizations really provide the proper authority to their employees or is there any delegation of 100% of crucial decision making factors? For any small decision about stationary or supply of raw material and such issues employees are running around in the organization. Is this the footings for building the foundations of trust and interpersonal relationships in the department and organization?

Relations are build on person to person basis, their perception about each other and the trust created in the process of action and reaction. We all work for the "Organization". An organization made up of bosses, peers and colleagues. Without people there is no Organization, no relationship building. People do not build the relationship with the company, they do not believe on team work, but it is with the individual employee. Thus relation and trust is always about people and their understanding.

In the day to day functioning of the organization, superiors delegate work to their assistants. Each activity can not be handled and monitored by the bosses. Somewhere bosses have to trust on the colleagues. As a leader, superiors must take a necessary action to build the -    

Trust is a feeling
Trust  is acceptance
Trust is Care
Trust is respecting the values
Trust is integrity

high trust relationship within the company. In any case, if trust is so important, shouldn't we invest more time to build it? This will helpin achieving the greater success ladders in less  efforts.

Put People First :

It has been proved by history of the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Abrahan Lincoln that people follow the leader, they will leap tall buildings, fight for him, put blind trust on the person. From where does this kind of trust comes? What makes people intact with the leader? Why they value, support and appreciate the relationship? The answer is very complex but lies in the trust building of the leaders.

Thus trust building should be the focus of every activity in the organization. Especially in the era of automation and computerization, where the loyalty of the employee, confidentiality of the organizations' information is the major cause of concern for the Indian Firms, attrition is troubling a lot, TRUST should be created amongst the employee.

Prof. Mrs. Sunita M. Bhole
MITCON Institute of Management
Balewadi, Pune-411045

Source: E-mail October 6, 2006


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